Wednesday, August 31, 2016

[Vid] Mnet 'Hit The Stage' Preview

Airs on September 7!

Nicole's reaction tweet to her reaction of Rie Hata being a guest judge(?):

ah.. my reaction.. oh no ..... ㅠㅠ....
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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[News] 16.08.29. Nicole·Jang Hyunseung·Bora,etc total 8 idols finished filming for 'Hit The Stage' on the 28th

Former KARA member Nicole, former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung, SISTAR Bora, Block-B U-Kwon, MYNAME Seyong, BIGSTAR Feeldog, Lovelyz Mijoo, Monsta X Shownu finished filming Episode for Mnet ‘Hit The Stage’.

The 8 idols finished filming "Crazy" episode for Mnet ‘Hit The Stage’ on the 28th. The Crazy Mission is the 4th theme following ‘Devil’, ‘This Love’, and ‘Uniform’. It’s expected for the idols to be able to show their unexpected charm by showing an insanity appeal.

Especially Nicole who different with her usual cute image, it was said that she surprised everyone with her strong presence. Out of all 8 participants, Nicole is the most senior and seasoned participant. So how will Nicole who known as a dancer ranked between the participants.

Through this performance, it’ll be Nicole’s first official activity in 2 years. On last 2014, Nicole promoted her song ‘MAMA’ and after that she’s been active promoting in Japan and now she will once again stand before Korean fans through the dance variety show.

On this episode, other than Nicole, Lovelyz Mijoo and MYNAME Seyong joined the lineup too. Both Mijoo and Seyong aren’t the most popular member within their respective group, so the anticipation is high to see whether like BIGSTAR Feeldog, will they be able to gain recognition as a new rising star as dancer.

The episode will be aired on September.

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Monday, August 29, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016

[Snapchat] Good Afternoon

Is that Taesung? lol

[Snapchat Story] Thanks Japanese Colling!!

Japanese Collings sent food to Nicole for her recording of Hit The Stage :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[News] 16.08.24. Nicole To “Hit The Stage” And Show Off Dancing Skills

A new dancer will have their chance to shine on Mnet’s “Hit the Stage”!
On August 24, the show confirmed that Nicole will be joining its line-up. They state that she will be participating in the competition that will take place on August 28, and will be aired at a later date.

They also clarify, “It has not been decided whether it will be a one-time appearance, or if she will continue on with the show.”
Many people are looking forward to seeing Nicole, who was known for her dancing abilities since her days as a KARA member.

“Hit the Stage” showcases K-pop stars as well as professional dancers who team up with each other to face off in a fierce battle of performances. With a different theme every time, idols such as INFINITE’s Hoya, SHINee’s Taemin, and more, are being highly lauded for their intricate and dynamic stages. It currently airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST.

src| soompi

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

[Instagram Stories] Pretty

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[Instagram Stories] Supporting JungMin

[Instagram] Supporting JungMin(Boyfriend)'s Musical

Thanks for inviting me, Jungmin!! I was able to new side of you through Grand>_< cool keke keep on fighthing😁
BOYF_JM #grand#peste

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[Instagram Stories] PINK

[Instagram] My babies

My babies💕 on WGM! haha They will appear this week~~~ 4.50pm😍#njDuke #njJasper #njMelly #australianshepherd 

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[Instagram Story] Waiting for Lunch

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[Vid] Nicole on We Got Married Preview

It's been awhile since Nicole was on television XD
All the dogs will be a handful hah

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[Instagram] dori

[Snapchat] New Sunglasses

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[Instagram] Selfies

[Instagram Stories] Hello :) + Date Night

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