Tuesday, August 30, 2016

[News] 16.08.29. Nicole·Jang Hyunseung·Bora,etc total 8 idols finished filming for 'Hit The Stage' on the 28th

Former KARA member Nicole, former BEAST member Jang Hyunseung, SISTAR Bora, Block-B U-Kwon, MYNAME Seyong, BIGSTAR Feeldog, Lovelyz Mijoo, Monsta X Shownu finished filming Episode for Mnet ‘Hit The Stage’.

The 8 idols finished filming "Crazy" episode for Mnet ‘Hit The Stage’ on the 28th. The Crazy Mission is the 4th theme following ‘Devil’, ‘This Love’, and ‘Uniform’. It’s expected for the idols to be able to show their unexpected charm by showing an insanity appeal.

Especially Nicole who different with her usual cute image, it was said that she surprised everyone with her strong presence. Out of all 8 participants, Nicole is the most senior and seasoned participant. So how will Nicole who known as a dancer ranked between the participants.

Through this performance, it’ll be Nicole’s first official activity in 2 years. On last 2014, Nicole promoted her song ‘MAMA’ and after that she’s been active promoting in Japan and now she will once again stand before Korean fans through the dance variety show.

On this episode, other than Nicole, Lovelyz Mijoo and MYNAME Seyong joined the lineup too. Both Mijoo and Seyong aren’t the most popular member within their respective group, so the anticipation is high to see whether like BIGSTAR Feeldog, will they be able to gain recognition as a new rising star as dancer.

The episode will be aired on September.

source| http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=20515911
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  1. I hope nicole kills it >.<

  2. Can't wait for her performance...hope she can stay longer in the show...

  3. Omg .. I'm shaking . Can't wait to watch her performance , I wish people will once again recognize
    And support nicole .. will always love u nicole and thanks so much admin ur still update every thing about nicole , love you 😘😘

  4. When it will be aired? can't wait for this

  5. Can't wait , I hope people will recognize her talent and get gain more supporters. :)

  6. I saw the preview for ep 7 and I'm soooooo excited for Nicole! The concept is "Crazy" and she is going to dance as Harley Quinn!