Thursday, November 28, 2013

[!!!] Confirmation Post Removed And Why.

I removed the post about the article mentioning DSP confirmed Nicole would be leaving. It is true that there has been only one article and the other Korean and Japanese news outlets have yet to report the same article, as mentioned by some fans here at the previous post.

We should really only wait for a final word from DSP and Nicole.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

[Translations] Nicole's Talk Portion at Last Day of KARASIA 2nd Tour In Japan (Kobe)

I am already disappointed that tonight is the last night of the tour.
With you for two months... (start crying and can’t talk)
(Audience is shouting Cole’s name. Huge loud chants for Nicole)
(Nicole can’t raise her face)
Jiyoung: Ok?
Nicole: OK! Everything.
I was so happy to be with you all for the last two months.
I was happy to see your faces and be able to make precious memories of the concerts.
It is sometimes difficult to convey, but it reminded me again why I want to dance and sing in front of you. Thank you very much.
Because, you the Kamilias are there and receiving so much love from you... (cry)
I am going to keep going...please watch over me... love you.

Translations + cr | ultraman88

[PV] French Kiss PV (Nicole Version)

[Scan] French Kiss Single Photos (Nicole) by Hiros

[Fan] French Kiss Fan art (Nicole) by ujiujikinoko

Monday, November 25, 2013

[Fan] 2Night Performance @ KARASIA

[Audio] 13.11.24. KARASIA in Kobe (2nd Day) MC Talk

At 1:20, the fans start calling out Nikoru :(

Nicole was crying.

[Pics] KARASIA Kobe (2nd Day) Photos by DSP media Japan


cr | alone_nikon and lekurisus

[Fan] 13.11.24. KARASIA During "Ima Okuritai Arigatou” (Kobe) by Em2T

cr | Em2T

[News/Info] DSP Festival Performances:

DSP Festival Information:

- there will be red carpet opening performance
- rainbow and kara will perform fin.k.l tribute performance
- hara and nicole's special lee hyori's 10 minutes perf
- running time 3.5 hours

trans | yooniqda_



[Pic] 13.11.25 Nicole Arriving at Gimpo Airport Photos

Sunday, November 24, 2013

[Tweet] I'm a Queen?


I'm Queen? keke Thanks for the last time. . . I took around 4 photos. . . keke

translated by yooniqda_

[Fan] 13.11.25. Nicole @ Gimpo Airport Arrival Fan Photo by SORAMAME_OPPA

[Tweet] Chu




2013 karasia tour

She's BACK!! :)

[News] KARA spills tears on their finale stage of their Japanese tour

KARA spilled tears on the finale of their Japanese tour!

The girls held their last stage for their 2nd Japanese tour 'KARASIA' on the 24th, performing 27 songs to 7,000 fans. The tour had taken them to 7 cities, and they performed 14 times to a total of 120,000 fans.

Nicole told her fans, "I was grateful I got to see you. There were hard times, but I remembered why I wanted to sing and dance for you. I love you. I'm so thankful."

Jiyoung added, "Thank you for giving us strength. I was touched today, too. I'm so happy. Never forget today."

All the girls burst into tears when their fans put up a huge 'WE ♥ KARA' banner during the encore stage.

cr | ak

[Vid] 13.11.25. PON!

[Pic] KARA Bowing @ KARASIA Kobe

cr | aechak

[Vid] 13.11.25. Sukkiri French Kiss Performance

[Pics] 13.11.24. KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour in Kobe Pictures


[Pic] Nicole from We Found Love Stage by yutooo_kjel

[Pic] KARA with Staff (?) Backstage at KARASIA

tip off | twitter

[Fan] 13.11.24. KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour (Kobe) Fan Photos by hoonjikding & _Miraclehara

[Vid] 13.11.25. Mezamashi KARASIA Fan Taken

Read tweets that said Cole cried so much XD

[Fan] 13.11.24. Kamilia's Surprise Event for KARA (KARASIA Kobe) Fancam

The fans held up these signs:


"Let's be together forever"

It was a surprise event for KARA from Kamilia.

[Tweet] KARASIA Photo


두달동안 고생많았던 카라.야마앤핫칙스.댄서
동생들.매니져들.스탈리스트.헤어 메이크업. 
그리고 감독님과 스탭들!!!!!! 

정말 수고 많으셨습니다~~~♥ 

[Fan] We Found Love Stage Fan Photo (KARASIA)


cr | mash325

[Fan] 13.11.24. Nicole Fan Army @ KARASIA Kobe Day 2

[Tweet/Pic] 13.11.24. Nicole & Ms. Shirley @ KARASIA Kobe

Kobe Concert is expected ~~~!*^^.  Enjoy all together  ~~~


오늘도 모두 다 같이 두근두근~~!^^

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

[Tweet] KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour Saitama Photo & Video by gamza09


살아있네! 내새끼들! 사이타마 수퍼아레나 떠나가겠구먼! ㅋㅋ @ さいたまスーパーアリーナ Saitama Super Arena


karasia 공연! 이단어도 내가 맹글었는디 ㅋ

[Pics] Nicole with KARASIA Dancer Polaroids (Posted Up More Photos)

니콜이 여자긴여잔가부다~ 아기자기하게 글까지^^ 
직접 댄서들 방까지 찾아와서ㅋㅋ

[News] DSP Entertainment Says Kara’s Nicole is Undecided on Future Plans

DSP Entertainment, Kara’s agency, released an official statement on Kara’s Nicole’s study abroad plans.

The agency said on November 20, “We haven’t spoken with Nicole in terms of her study abroad plans yet, but she will continue to work as a member of Kara until the end of January of 2014.”

“Nicole’s contract with DSP ends in January of 2014 and she will decide what to do after the contract is over,” said the agency.
A Japanese newspaper Sankei Sports had reported earlier on November 20 that Nicole is planning to go study abroad in America to further train herself as a solo artist. The article said that Nicole has always wanted to be a soloist and she has decided on this in order to fulfill her dreams.

Kara is currently performing at Kara Second Japan Tour Karasia and will be participating in DSP’s family concert DSP Festival on December 14.

src | mwave

[Pic] KARASIA Fan Party Saitama Day 2

[Pics] Nicole KARASIA Pictures (Fan Taken) by arina_920131