Tuesday, November 26, 2013

[Fan] 13.11.25. Nicole @ Gimpo Aiport Arrival Fan Photos by RyuJinA0523

^^ Cole even put her arm around her :)

She's a dedicated Cole fan.


  1. So she's a well known Cole fan? Nicole must see her alot since she looks like she's walking with her and chatting. Sucha lucky fan! At first I thought it was someone that worked with Nicole since she was so comfortable around her!

  2. Nicole's such a nice soul to even place her arm arnd her love nicole so much

  3. Wow! I thought that was like a stylist unni or something, but turns out she's a FAN!? Cole is so awesome to be close like that with a dedicated fan. That fan deserves it, probably waits for Cole at airports all the time.