Saturday, December 31, 2011

[Tweet] Happy New Year + Jing's twit pic

Hey! how was everyone's new years eve? Wish everyone the best of 2012! Smile with no regrets! Time doesn't come back^^


Everyone, I'm returning to Korea now ^^ Did you have a nice 31st? Let's work harder in 2012 ^^ So that we spend day after day smiling, without regrets. Because it's now or never <3 Later on you get to see me a lot at InkiGayo! 

Jing tweeted this yesterday, so cute!


[Info] 11.12.31. Nicole sends Maeda Astuko ....

Good morning

I (saw this) when I woke up this morning  


My dad bought these for me
Through all of these sports newspapers I was able to re-feel how I felt yesterday (;;)

Nicole sent me a really touching e-mail

During Kouhaku Rehearsal this morning, lots of staff greeted us as well
Mana-chan also came and said “congratulations!”

It makes me so happyyy (><)

Today is December 31, 2011

It’s the last day of 2011!!

It’s finally here, huh?

It sure went by in the blink of an eye…

Such happy thoughts

We want to show you all a great performance to show you our gratitude

We’ll work hard at Kouhaku Uta Gassen ♥ 

Credits: blog48@livejournal

* AKB48 won best song at the 53rd Japan Record Awards, hence Cole's touching e-mail :)


It's been one of the craziest years as a Kamilia in 2011:

[News] 'Top 4′ acting labels managers want to work for?

While the stars are getting their year’s worth of work recognized on year-end ceremonies, how have their entertainment labels fared?

TV Report recently held a survey amongst managers of celebrities and asked them which competitor’s label (focus on acting) they would choose if they could in an effort to estimate which label is the best on the market.

Check out the results below!

1. Barunson Entertainment

2. Sim Entertainment

3. King Kong Entertainment

Just three years since its launch, CEO Lee Jin Sung, who’s worked with Sidus HQ for stars like Park Shin Yang and Han Go Eun, has managed to put King Kong at the top of the tier with his impressive line-up of actors.

From Sung Yuri to Kim Bum, King Kong is home to stars like Park Min Young, Kim Sun Ah, and Lee Dong Wook. Many attribute the CEO’s success in bringing in so many top name stars to his company to the trust he built while working with them as their manager in the past.

One manager expressed, “King Kong is known for its diligent and genuine CEO. No matter how much he goes out drinking one night, he’ll make sure he’s in the office the next day, right on time.”

Their benefits compared to other companies are a bit less competitive, but they’re a family styled company that one can trust to be with until the end.

4. Iyagi Entertainment

Source: TV Report via Naver
Taken from AllKPOP

Why is this relevant to Nicole/KARA? Not too long ago, DSP said they would be working with King Kong entertainment for acting etc. LOL.. CEO sounds interesting XD

[Vid] 11.12.31. MBC Gayo 2011


[Vid] 11.12.31. Kouhaku : KARA Meledy

Friday, December 30, 2011

[Pic] 11.12.30. Nicole with Astuko Maeda @ Kouhaku Rehearsal (PT 3)


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tip off: Zephyrean @ twitter!

[Tweet] 11.12.31. MochaChino update

aww they look so scared >_< 




cr: preshi619

[Tweet] Can't be without...

You taste like this.. Can't eat it much since it's very sweet >_< Sometime ago I saw someone back of me eating this in the elevator and was very curious about this chocolate snack I don't think I can be without Choco (late)

sounds like a love poem to.. chocolates :P 

Just cause I really liked SeungYeon's tweet:

It’s the last day of 2011 ^^ Did everybody spend this year well? No matter what people say, I am proud of KARA in the year 2011. Please look forward for us in 2012. 

CR: _karatweets 


[Gif] Nicole & SeungYeon @ Ending of SBS Gayo 2011

[Pics] 11.12.30. 53rd Japan Record Awards Perf Pics


cr: mantan-web

[Pic] 11.12.30. Nicole & Hara with Atsuko Maeda and Ashida Mana (PT 2)


cr: Sanspo

[Fan] 11.12.30. Fan with Nicole @ Aura


cr: kyo_bigman

hehe these kinds of pics are cute, a Japanese fan's daughter :)

[Fancam] 11.12.29. SBS Gayo "Every Little Step" Fancam +


@:55, Cole and SY hand in hand run across stage <3!! Then of course GyulJing and Hara with a Rainbow member :)

[Vid] 11.12.29. KARA comments just before "Kouhaku Utagassen" (Eng Subbed)

[vid] 11.12.30. KARA @ Gimpo Airport

[Vid] 11.12.30. 53rd Japan Record Awards: Talk + GGS

Talk (Eng Subbed):


[Vid] 11.12.30. 53rd Japan Record Award Interview (Eng Subbed)

KARA's stylists....

[Pic] 11.12.30. Nicole with Astuko Maeda & Ashida Mana @ Kouhaku Rehearsal


always with a friend <3!!


how cute, she's like their little sister :D


lol totally messed up, in the title it mentions Astuko Maeda and Nicole arm in arm but Cole's cut off in the pic. Said both were smiling and whispering to each other and look at Mana looking up at Cole <3!!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

[Fan] 11.12.29. 2011 SBS Gayo Daejun Fan Acct

Now to skip over the lame details and onto KARA. Everything else will go into my personal diary, like how pretty so and so is. My blown by the way.

So I didn't get to see KARA until way further into the show. Considering how I didn't see any Kamilia or Kara staff, I was starting to doubt if they were even there. Then at one point I looked at the singers tables and there they were, sitting quietly in the front row. Sneaky bastards. Did I not hear the cheers when they first came in? Usually every time an artist comes to sit, they are often greeted with an audience cheer. Did KARA even get one? How on earth did I miss it?! AHHH FAIL STAN!!!

From there I just watched KARA when there was a performance on the other stages. Nicole likes to sing along to most songs. Especially that disney one? Can't even remember what song. Tiffany sang it. Jing drummed along to the CNBlue stage. The other three, were more quiet. Pretty. But quiet.

to be continued...


[Fan] 11.12. 29. SBS Gayo Fan Pics (Inside)


"It's just my view from last night" 


"It's just Han Seungyeon and Nicole shuffling before their stage as a punishment" 

CR: purebombe @ twitter
Please credit Purebombe when taking Pics!!!

[Pics] 2011 SBS Gayo Official Pictures

[Tweet] End of the Year

It is really the end of the year days.... ^^ It's already been 2 days hop hop

cr: _karatweets

[INFO] 11.12.30. KARA to hold first concert "KARASIA" in 2012

DSP Media has announced that KARA will be holding their first ever concert called ‘KARASIA‘!

The girls and their fans have been dreaming of this event since their debut, and it seems like all their trials and triumphs have finally paid off.

On December 30th, representatives of DSP Media updated KARA’s official homepage with a new notice stating, “Hello, this is DSP Media. We would like to inform our Kamilias about the concert you have been waiting for for a very long time. In February, KARA will be holding their first concert, and we would like to open tickets to our fanclub members first.”

The concert will be held at the Olympic Gymnasium on February 18th and 19th. Fanclub members will be able to purchase tickets starting January 10th, while the rest go on sale on the 12th.

Stay tuned for more info!

Source + Photos: DSP Media
Taken from AllKPOP

5 years in the making !!!!

Who's GOING?!! 

about time lol

[Fan] 11.12.30. HaNi @ Gimpo Airport


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On their way to Japan for the 53rd Japan Music Awards !!

[Audio] 11.12. 24. KBS Immortal Song 2 : Christmas Special "White Winter" Download

It's ripped and then the commentary etc removed.

[Gifs] 11.12. 29. Every Little Step Collab (Nicole)

cr: ournikori

[Pics] 11.12. 29. Nicole from SBS Gayo Red Carpet

[Fan] 11.12.29. SBS Gayo 2011 Red Carpet (Nicole) by DC KARA Homer


[Cap] KARA Trended during SBS Gayo


cr: kit_kamilia + withkara


[Pics] 11.12.29. Walking the Red Carpet @ SBS Gayo (Nicole)

 Loved her dress!!

[Vid] 11.12.29. SBS Gayo

Press Line:


^^ err camera man/woman!! you cut off part of Cole's dance break TT
and wowzers at Cole's top lol she wasn't playing lol

KARA & 2PM Collab: 

Cole & SY's English <3!!! Loved all of Cole's shots haha
I loved KARA here though, it wasn't really much of collab, they didn't have interaction lol

I still liked the stage because the KARA members (exception of Jing I guess) looked like WOMEN.. they were more so seen as the younger friendly sister types and here they looked like hot women .. well that was my thought when I saw them walking across the stage lol

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

[Vid] 11.12.10 Shimura Zoo (Eng Subbed)

[Pics] 11.12.29. KARA @ Kouhaku Rehearsal Press line


[Info] KARA's OST song for movie Strangers 6

KARA's OST song is called "My Prayer" created by Sweetune!


[Tweet] 22 yrs old + Yum Yum Yum

It is indeed already the end of the year... When next year comes... I'll be 22 years old... Uhahahahaha?

Jing + Cole: 

Jing: Soy flour mochi. I love it!! Yummy!! (>_<) 

Cole:  Yum yum yum, Thank you!! I should eat it tomorrow (laugh)

Trans: Cherrims @ Twitter! 

 I love how Cole just assumes Jing will be sharing her treats with her .. yea lol 

[Info] Jay talks about KARA in an Interview in 2010 + Vid Link

I'm posting this because I loved his answer and I've never seen it before XD

Q: Who is your favorite Korean Girl Group and why?

A: You know I said KARA because like I like their song Mister and I think the dance is really catchy and I think they've, you know I saw them when they first debuted and they've come a very long way, um they've progressed a lot, they've gotten better at singing and dancing and just as a group. Yea its a good look for them, it's good to see.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

[News] 11.12.28. Oricon annouces its top ten faces of 2011

Which celebrities ruled the year of 2011?

Oricon style recently revealed their chart of the “Faces of the year“, in which both men and women voted for Japan’s most popular celebrities from this year.

KARA @ #5 !!! :D

Taken from aramatheydidnt

[Info] 11.12.27. KARA will not attend the KBS Korean Song Festival

The ’2011 KBS Song Festival’ will be a one-legged festival.

The line up for the festival, which is supposed to be held on December 30, was not released until today, December 27. An official for the festival also said that there is a possibility that the festival will not be held, which confused many fans. 
According to the officials for the agencies, SNSD, Super Junior, f(x), miss A, 2PM, Wonder Girls, T-ara, Davichi, SISTAR, Secret will attend the ’2011 KBS Song Festival.’ But 2NE1 and KARA will be attending the Japanese awards ceremony, ‘TBS’s Record Awards,’ which will be held on December 30 at 6:30 p.m. instead of the festival. In addition, Big Bang and JYJ will not attend the festival as well.

After the festival, SNSD will go to Japan with KARA to appear on NHK’s Kōhaku Uta Gassen, which will air on December 31 at 7:15 p.m. TVXQ is currently ironing out their Japanese schedules and they haven’t decided whether or not to attend the festival.
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Sunday, December 25, 2011

[Gif] This what happens when you get caught ...



[Vid] 2nd Family Mart Chicken CF + making

Making of: 

I spot JiNi!!

[Tweet] Mocha Chino's Holiday Greetings

Chino: ruff


Vid & Pic source: Preshi619 

Cole's kids are so cute!

[Gifs] 11.12.24. Immortal Song 2 : Xmas Special


[Fan] 11.12.25. Inkigayo Nicole fan pics


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[News] 11.12.25. Goo Hara wants to spend Christmas with…

IU and Nicole asked Goo Hara who she wants to spend Christmas with then gave her a look as though they already knew the answer to the question.

On the December 25th installment of SBS ‘Inkigayo’, the MC’s IU, Goo Hara, and Nicole brought up that according to a survey, IU came in at #1 as the entertainer people want to Christmas with.
The MC’s followed with a discussion as to who each one of them would like to spend Christmas with. IU said, “I want to spend Christmas with ‘Inkigayo’ fans.” Nicole said, “I want to spend it with the boyfriend of my imagination. Because I’m happy just to imagine.”

As Goo Hara was about to say who she wants to spend Christmas with, IU and Nicole said, “Think we know already.” Goo Hara came back with “Who are you imagining it is?” IU and Nicole who seemed like were going to say Yong Joon Hyung who is Goo Hara’s boyfriend but they turned to say, “Wouldn’t it be the team of kkominams of AA?” introducing the next performers. 
Taken from Kpopfever 

Cole, all she has is her imaginary bf  lol XD

The writers for Inki LOL, second time they have sorta of kinda mention Hara's relationship XD

[Vid] 11.12.25. Inkigayo MC cuts

^^ lol around 1:29 is when they start asking each other who they want to spend Xmas with.. and Cole says her imaginary bf .. poor girl.. she really wants a bf XD

^^ Cole is an IU Stan lol.
Poor Hara though, Cole's mic accidentally hits her XD I mean Cole gets excited..especially if it's IU XD

[Vid] 11.12.25. 2AM's STEP Parody

lol !!

[Fan] 11.12.25. Kamilia's greetings to Nicole & Hara at Inkigayo


" Nicole Hara! Merry Christmas"

cr: twitter

cute !!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

[Vid] 11.12.24. Seoul Tokyo Music Festival (KARA cut)


loved the intro and so much love :)

[Vid] 11.12.24. Music for all, all for one (KARA cut)

It's like a KARA concert lol, they performed 6 songs
Keep an eye out for GyulCole interaction during the talk portions lol
and aww @ Jing being out of the place and Hara gently pushing her to the right spot lol
KARA also got to close out the concert !!

[Vid] 11.12.23. KBS Immortal Song 2: X Max Special (KARA FULL cut)

They did a good job and the hug was unexpected lol

[Fan] KARAdise 2012 in Paris PT 2


^^ hot hot hot lol