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[Nicole-ing] 2014.01.30 brrrr it's cold

Hello ! haha

Awhile ago I went out with lots of confidence, however I got lost on the way, and somehow because of the cold my phone suddenly died, got panic, finally I got back at home. In the end I bought body wash and water but it took around 1.5 hours? In all it took 2 hours ㅜㅜ sigh even then I slowly got to know the surroundings a little bit! haha It's just my face got all red . . . keke

It's new year right? haha everyone happy new year ! Eat a warm tteokguk, have a nice time with family ! haha sounds delicious, tteokguk ㅠ kkya !! Together with kimchi.. haha
argh I want to eat it too .. ㅜ

Actually I'm still enjoying a short vacation ! The lessons will be starting soon ! haha I eat really a lot. Kinda makes me worried ? haha
Every time I see a new food or new desserts 'bbyong' I just fly away . ...


[Info/Spec] Nicole's Possible Choreographer ?

They follow each other on twitter and according to his website, these are the artists he and his sister have worked for :)

Saturday, January 25, 2014

[Fan] 14.01.25. Nicole & Ms. Shirley @ LAX Fancam by Couchcrew

[Fan] 14.01.24. Nicole @ Incheon Airport Departure Photos

[Fan] 14.01.25. Nicole & Shirley @ LAX Fancam

[Fan] 14.01.25 Fans with Nicole & Shirley at the LAX Fan Photos

 src| rwonron

src | omonaitsvennie

src | DanDanZuraid


[Info] Nicole's Plans in the US

According to Sports Chosun:

- Nicole will have intensive training in singing and dancing in the U.S.
- She will be working with a famous choreographer who has done work for celebs such as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.
- She will train for 2 months.

- 20 fans from Korea and Japan were at the airport to send her off.
- She didn't know fans would be at the airport, she chatted with them and promised to come back even better.
- She will be back in Korea in late March.

- She she wants to fulfill the expectations of fans.

- An aide close to Nicole said she feels more burden to be perfect because she's not in a group anymore.

- After coming back to Korea, she will need some time to prepare an album.

src | sports chosun 

& here

This is making me very excited ^^

Friday, January 24, 2014

[Nicole-ing] 2014.01.25. Hiii (Nicole Message)

Everyone at Nicoleing♥

Hello Nicole here ^^ I'm at the airport now ~ I'm not sure whether you already know it or not, but I'm leaving today~ (to the United States)

I was thinking about what to say for couple of days. . . in the end I feel really sorry.  I always say I will come often,  but I can't do it. I think I was being careless. . also I don't know what to say. . .I got stressed too,  but when I think about things that made me worried, confused, and troubled for the last couple of months or years I only feel sorry. .ㅜ I do feel really sorry.

My heart right now.  . . is complicated haha since I do always keep on reviewing my emotions. . .;;however. .since I already made a big decision I will work hard and come back. . while enjoying it ^^ I may come here once in awhile right? Everyone please always take care of yourself ♥ 
Though I'm far, my heart will always be with you! Let's be strong . 

p.s. thank you for coming to send me off

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Translated by yooniqda_ (THANK YOU!!!)

[Fan] Fan with Nicole & Shirley at the Airport (U.S. Bound) Photo

src | yaiyai0303_1007
 and here

[Tweet] Thanks For Your Support!

I will work hard and come back! Everyone please be healthy ^^ Thanks for the support ~

Translated by yooniqda_

*Nicole left a message at Nicole-ing, she's at the airport leaving for the US :)

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

[Fan] 13.12.14. DSP Festival Fan Photos by Diabolique + 1stholic




[Fan] Reasons Why Nicole Left KARA

I've seen this post since October but it has been continuously updated since then.

This post was originally posted and compiled by a Korean fan.

I found it interesting...

[Fan] 13.12.14. DSP Fesitval Fan Photos by awaw0319


[Fan] 13.11.09. KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour Fukui Fan Photos Day 1 by wildtakky37

[Fan] 13.10.30. KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour Nagoya Fan Photos Pt. 2 by wildtakky37


[Tweet] To all my fans whom I love...

Nicole's Twitter Message:

"To all my fans whom I love... First off, I'm sorry that I'm making things hard and painful. When I think about the confusion you all must have experienced due to the various stories despite it not being my intention, my heart hurts more. 

I thought that I needed time now to recharge and reorganize myself, so I will be leaving soon for training with a plan that isn't set for too long of a time. I will try my best so that that time period will not go to waste, and get ready for the day when I will meet you all again. I want to think over agencies calmly, so as I'm not hurrying, there is nothing that has been decided on, but if something is decided on later, I'll deliver the news to you first.

I'll gain strength from the support of all of you who always cheer me on, and do my best to learn and return. Wait for me."


Really happy Nicole's learning to take things into her own hands. As she said She will be first to tell us if there is news!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

[News] [Exclusive Interview] Nicole Says She Will Focus on Training For Now

With reports regarding Nicole’s new agency pouring out, Nicole claimed that nothing has been decided regarding her new agency.

After Nicole made her decision to leave DSP Media, many articles have been coming out with one report claiming that she will be signing with Core Contents Media, and another stating that she will be joining Wellmade Entertainment.

During an interview with Newsen on January 22, Nicole said, “Nothing has been decided regarding my agency. I am going to take my time before making the decision.”

She also added, “I will be focusing on training for a while, with my priority set on future activities as a soloist.”

src | enewsworld

* Some articles said someone from Nicole's side said all of the above but this one says it was Nicole. 

[Fan] 13.11.09. KARASIA 2nd Japan Tour Fukui Fan Photos Day 2 by wildtakky37


[News] Core Contents Media Denies Rumor that Nicole Will Join T-ara + Update

Core Contents Media, T-ara’s agency, strongly denied the rumors on Nicole joining T-ara.

A rep from Core Contents Media stated on January 22, “The spreading rumor on recruiting Nicole is not true. We did not have any contact with Nicole’s mother and it doesn’t make any sense for her to join T-ara.”
The rumor spread when a Japanese women’s magazine reported that Nicole’s mother contacted T-ara’s agency, to ask her daughter to be recruited into the team.

About the report, Core Contents Media rep commented, “We have no idea how that article in Japan came about. We do not want to have T-ara get involved in things like this, when we are trying to focus on the team’s image making. We never got in touch with Nicole’s mother.”

src | enewsworld

by the way, Ms. Shirley verified herself through twitter that this was FALSE information:

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

[Gifs] JiNi @ KARASIA Kobe



[Pic] Nicole on the Cover of Sports Chosun

src | moa0516

[News] KARA's Jiyoung's father reveals his daughter intends to leave DSP once her contract expires + DSP's Response

Amidst Nicole's contact expiring, eyes have turned towards the status of Jiyoung's contract status and whether she'll remain with KARA.

Regarding this, media outlet 'Sports Chosun' released their exclusive detailing the conversation they had with Jiyoung's father.

The media outlet revealed that they learned about a letter being mailed as a certification of contents (which means that the contents of the letter are recorded for reference so that the receiver cannot later say that they never received the letter) to DSP Media, announcing Jiyoung's intent to not renew her contract.

When 'Sports Chosun' contacted Jiyoung's father (Kang Gun Wook), he told them, "We forwarded the note last week. I notified DSP Media before that I would be sending it over... I thought that even if we part ways, it's right to part on good terms so that's why I've taken these steps."

He continued, "Prior to sending the note, we repeatedly expressed our stance to the agency. The agency reps are not showing any particular response to the note... Honestly, when the press release concerning Nicole was released by DSP Media on the 14th, we thought that the content regarding Jiyoung would also be included. It seems the agency reps are still holding on to hope for Jiyoung."

When asked about the reason for not renewing, he stated, "As she promoted with KARA, Jiyoung experienced a difficult time. As the maknae of a group for 7 years, there were things she wanted to do that she couldn't do... She is still young so there are a lot of things she wants to do. Jiyoung had to devote herself to the duty as KARA's maknae, so she wasn't able to pursue individual challenges and dreams."

"Of course, if she continues to promote with KARA for the next 2-3 years, she will earn a lot of money but money is not important. I thought that my daughter should pursue what she really wants to do and that is why we have decided to leave DSP."

According to 'Sports Chosun', Jiyoung seems leaning towards pursuing acting in the future and plans to head over to the States to receive acting lessons and improve her English.

When the media outlet contacted DSP Media regarding the note sent by Jiyoung's father, a rep reportedly responded, "There is still a lot of time left until April. Our first priority is handling Nicole's issue at the moment... We will meet with Jiyoung's side later this month and actively persuade them."

src | AK

[Pics] KARA's Nicole Memories by KARA's Hairstylist (Lost & Hot Game MV)

[News] Nicole reveals her thoughts on leaving KARA

She said, "I can't express it in words.  When I look back, KARA was everything to me.  I first held the mic as a KARA member in my teens and was well-received as KARA in my 20s.  And... during that long time period, I think there were a lot of stories created while being in KARA.  There were a lot of happy moments and thankful moments.  I started my entertainment career as a member of KARA and got my name out there, so I'm going to hold onto that pride and pursue future promotions."

It dawned on her that she might really leave KARA when she performed on stage with them and thought how it might be the last time--particularly when the girls were performing for the three year-end music specials.  Nicole said, "I told myself to calm down afterwards, but tears kept falling.  I knew it, but it was hard to accept it." 

Nicole then talked about the other members, "Truthfully, many things happened while I was with the members for 7-8 years.  Occasionally, it was hard, but I endured and did many things.  All of us equally had a hard time physically and emotionally, but I am so grateful that we always lent our strength to each other.  What each of us does has changed a bit, but let's continue to encourage one another to succeed."

Lastly, she said to fans, "The whole time, the fans have been diligently running with KARA and diligently giving support.  However, I always felt sorry because I was lacking and undeserving of that support.  Still, they supported me without change so I thought I had to do better.  In the past, even when I was having a hard time physically and mentally, all of that intriguingly disappeared once I met with the fans.  It made me think that this was why I liked singing and dancing."

Yesterday was also Hara's birthday while January 18 is Jiyoung's so it appears they will celebrate together as one group for the last time before Nicole goes her separate way and leaves for America to pursue further training as a singer and dancer.
src| AK

The original article stated that Nicole and the others met actually the day before this news came out.

Monday, January 13, 2014

[News] DSP Releases Official Statement on Nicole’s Departure from Kara, What’s Next for Both?

Right at midnight of January 14, DSP Media has released an official statement of Nicole‘s departure from group Kara through its official homepage.

DSP Media wrote, “As of January 16, the contract between DSP Media and member Nicole, who has shared the joys and sorrows as part of Kara for the past seven years, will end. While her activities with Kara will end, we ask that you will cheer on Nicole with us, who is preparing for a new start.”

It continued, “Kara is preparing for individual acting activities and album promotions. We ask that you continue to give a lot of support and love to Kara who will be coming to you with a new image.”

Previously in October, it was announced by DSP that members Park Gyuri, Han Seung Yeon, and Goo Hara had re-signed with the agency in a two-year contract. Member Kang Ji Young‘s contract ends this coming April, and it remains to be seen what will happen.

As for Nicole, local news source My Daily is reporting that the soon-to-be former member of Kara is preparing for studies in the U.S. after her departure from the group. According to source inside the music industry, Nicole and her mother are preparing for Nicole to receive dance and vocal training lessons. As there is no official statement for Nicole, we will have to wait to see for sure what is in store for Nicole’s future.

src | soompi

No word from Nicole  yet.

I'll continue to update this blog as long as Nicole updates.

Might write a blab post, just for some kind of closure for myself.


[Info] DSP To Reveal If Nicole Will Leave KARA on 14th

DSP will give their position on whether Nicole will  stay as a member of KARA or withdraw from the group tomorrow (14).

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

[Tweet/Instagram] Beyonce & Chino



Chino wants to lay on my knee even though like this.. Aigo 

Translated by yooniqda_

Friday, January 3, 2014

[Tweet] Chino Playing

Oh my. . . Chino got dragged. . .

Translated by yooniqda_

Thursday, January 2, 2014

[Fan] 13.12.29. 2013 SBS Gayo Daejun Fancam Damaged Lady by boojiyoung2

[Message] Happy New Year (: Message at Nicole-ing

It's been awhile since the last time I came here (:

First ! Everyone ! haha Happy New Year !!!!
I made the greetings a little bit.. late, right ? ㅠ Sorry.. did all of you rest well ? haha As for me.. I ate tteokguk (rice-cake soup) and galbi jjim (beef-rib stew) with mom. It's kinda strange but I always want to eat tteokguk every new year, Lunar New Year, and Chuseok.. keke I really like it. tteokguk tteokguk tteokguuuuuk!!! kekeke

I will try to visit more often in the future . .. it will be Cole-time too soon . You know what I'm saying ? kekeke

I hope everyone will receive lots of blessings this year !!

*Cole-time is what the fans and Nicole refer to at the times 10:07 am/ pm, the same numbers as Nicole's birthday!

src | Nicole-ing

translated by yuda @ Karaholic

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

[Fan] 13.12.31. MBC Gayo Daejun 2013 Fancams by tatsu0501x

Cole @ 3:17 haha

[Tweet/Instagram] New Year with Mom!


Start of a New Year

 with mommyyy (:

If I were to over analyze this, Nicole's saying It's ALL Good :)