Thursday, October 30, 2014

[Twitter/Instagram] Bored...

I'm truly... bored... 

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[Twitter/Instagram] It's been awhile


Kkya!!! It's been awhile ~~~ 

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[Instagram] Mickey Beanie


#Mickey beanie #Disney

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

[Twitter/Instagram] Peanut Butter Yogurt Cupcakes

It's a sweet #dog #homedmadecupcake for this morning. peanutbutter yogurt cupcakes for dogs! #njJasper #njDuke #aussiepup #australianshepherd #australianshepherdofinstagram

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Monday, October 27, 2014

[Info/News] Nicole's Comeback Soon? (From Nicole-ing)

Nicole-ing just posted this up:

[Twitter/Instagram] Walk with Duke & Jasper

Taking a walk to clear my mind. when i want to clear my mind, I go for a walk around the neighborhood with my kids♥♥ #njDuke #njJasper #australianshepherd #aussiepup

" Nicole_STAFF: [#Nicole Official #Fanclub Name Contest] "

please send a lot ^^haha
kya excited excited★

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Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Twitter/Instagram] Mikimoto Pearls


가을/겨울은 역시 #미키모토 #mikimoto #mikimotocosmetics #mikimotopearls #moonpearl 촉촉하다아아잉

Monday, October 20, 2014

[Info] Follow Nicole's Socials

Nicole's Staff Twitter: @Nicole_STAFF

Official Fan Cafe : nicoleofficial

Official Facebook Page : JungNicoleOfficial

Official Youtube: OfficialJungNicole

B2M's Twitter: b2ment

Nicole's Personal Social Accounts:

Twitter: _911007

Instagram: _911007nicole

Nicole posted the above info and added:

Please cheer (me) on a lot~~ ♥

translation src | soompi

[Audio/Translations] I Hope it Rains When I Am Crying - Nicole & Jung Il Woo (The Night Watchman OST)

English Translations:

I’m looking in the mirror
Smiling as if nothing happened
I’m alright
I’m really alright
I mumble as I stand smiling
My face looks almost normal
It looks like I really forgot you
Everything was fine
But in my wet eyes
Tears suddenly fall again
I’m falling along with these tears
Falling down
Pain, memories, without anything left
If only they can disappear, if only
I imagine
I’m washed down with the rain tears
Washed down
Sadness, memories, not even me
If only they can disappear, please, if only
I imagine
You vaguely appear before me
I think my eyes loved you too much
My mouth is brightly smiling
But only my eyes are crying
Time will pass
I will forget you and you will grow faint
That made me sad
That made me sad
That even the memories would leave me
I’m falling along with these tears
Falling down
Pain, memories, without anything left
If only they can disappear, if only
I imagine
If only you were mean to me
If only you hated me
If only you made me upset
Then it would’ve hurt less
You were so good to me
You loved me so much
You were so kind
So it’s even sadder
I’m falling along with these tears
Falling down
Pain, memories, without anything left
If only they can disappear, if only
I imagine
I’m washed down with the rain tears
Washed down
Sadness, memories, not even me
If only they can disappear, please, if only
I imagine
I imagine
I hope my eyes won’t open tomorrow

cr | popgasa

[Tweet] Hungry

Argh hungryㅠㅠ What should i eat....ㅠㅠㅠ I don't knowㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ been thinking for 20 mins

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[News] Nicole Joins Hands with Producer Sweetune for Solo Debut


Nicole, ex-member of girl group Kara, is preparing for her solo debut with hit producer Sweetune.

According to a source in the music industry, the idol will launch her solo promotions with a song produced by Sweetune. The producer is known for producing some of Kara’s biggest hits, such as “Mister,” “Lupin,” and “Jumping.”

When asked about the musical direction of Nicole’s debut album, a representative of her new agency B2M Entertainment commented, “She is currently in the midst of rigorous preparations. Her new image will definitely be different from her past one.”

“While there will be sexiness involved, the overall concept is not sexy. The concept will have a powerful feel that helps her fill the stage by herself, and we are planning to showcase a previously unseen side of her,” the representative revealed.

Nicole’s mini album is scheduled to drop in mid-November. This will also mark the beginning of her official solo promotions.

src | soompi
Nicole to Debut as Soloist with Sweetune in Mid-November
Nicole is currently working with the producing team, Sweetune.

On October 20, B2M Entertainment told Newsen, "Nicole is currently working on a new song with Sweetune. This upcoming album will most likely be a mini-album."

Staying secretive on the genre and concept, B2M Entertainment added, "We′re working on the new song with mid-November as the goal."

Sweetune is a talented producing team that created several hit songs for Kara, including Jumping, Mister and more. With Nicole leaving Kara, people are wondering what kind of synergy effect Nicole and Sweetune will have this time around.

Following the end of her contract with DSP Media, Nicole signed with B2M Entertainment to prepare for her solo career.

The relationship between B2M Entertainment and Nicole is quite special as B2M Entertainment′s CEO, Gil Jong Hwa is the one who helped debut Nicole into the music industry.

CEO Gil Jong Hwa was in charge of Kara when he was working under DSP Media. The faith that Nicole and CEO Gil Jong Hwa have in each other is known to be quite strong in the industry. 
src | mwave

I really like that the objective of  Nicole's comeback/solo debut is powerful and more performance oriented. While of course it will be sexy, Nicole can't help it lol, it is not the main focus.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

[Instagram/Tweet] Fresh Air


fresh air ❤ with @xshaychae


Excuse my sick face. We were going crazy taking pictures in the streets.. Ahahah @_911007nicole

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

[Nicole-ing] 14.10.14 ❤ (Message Update)


Finally it was revealed today. You must have been waiting forever for the news to come out, I'm sorry to make you wait.
However since I'm working on it right now, the day we meet won't be that long !
I will work hard to repay your support ! Your support has become my strength and I'm preparing right now with joy and excitement every day >_<
I am kind of nervous as expected for me.. but the preparation process is really fun. I think during this preparation period, time will pass by very fast so it makes me excited.. I really miss you.

Since I am working really really hard please give me your support >_<

Original source | nicole-ing
Translated by yooniqda_

Monday, October 13, 2014

[News] Nicole to Release New Album in November

B2M Entertainment has just released another statement via Star News that Nicole will most likely be making her big comeback in November.

The agency stated, "Nicole will release her first solo album in November," continuing, "During the time that she was alone Nicole prepared a solo album, and now that we have joined forces we plan to release her solo album quickly, and currently it seems that the release will fall in November."

src | moonrok

[News] Nicole Officially Signs with B2M Entertainment, Preparing for Solo Comeback

It has just been confirmed that former KARA member Nicole has signed with B2M Entertainment.

B2M is also host to Lee Hyori, SPICA, and Eric Nam.

Just now, a B2M Entertainment representative has stated, "Nicole has been quietly preparing for a solo album, and as a new part of our agency, we plan to accelerate the album preparations in earnest."

B2M Entertainment's president/CEO is Gil Jonghwa, who worked with KARA from their debut up until their days as one of Korea's top groups. It seems that because of this Gil Jonghwa knows better than anyone what Nicole's potential as a solo artist is.

B2M Entertainment continued, "Nicole decided on all of the details of the contract's terms and conditions and her agenda with CEO Gil Jonghwa, and in order to make preparations worthy of Nicole, who has enjoyed immense popularity in Korea, Japan, and all of Asia, we naturally finalized a fully prepared contract in order to support Nicole."

src | moonrok

Nicole Officially Signs with B2M Entertainment for Solo Debut

Former KARA member Nicole has officially signed an exclusive contract with the same agency that houses Lee Hyori, SPICA, and many others.

On October 14, B2M Entertainment revealed through a press release, “Following the end of her contract with DSP Media, Nicole is currently preparing for her solo debut after confirming a new agency and completing the contract signing. Nicole’s new agency was established by CEO Gil Jong Hwa, who had been with KARA from their debut to their peak. Since their connection under DSP Media, they have maintained close relations with one another.”

More than the conditions of the contract, Nicole was seeking an agency that understands her better than anyone else, as well as one that would be able to support her. It has been said that CEO Gil Jong Hwa watched over Nicole since her trainee days and has praised her potential as a performer.

Meanwhile, Nicole has consistently continued to prepare for her solo album away from the public eye, and with the full support of her new agency, she is planning to officially kick off album preparations.

src | soompi

Nicole Finalizes Contract with B2M Entertainment

Having left Kara, Nicole has signed a contract with B2M Entertainment, which currently houses Lee Hyori.

B2M Entertainment stated on September 14, “Nicole, who was preparing for her solo activities after her contract ended with DSP Media, has chosen our company as her new agency and finalized her contract.”
B2M Entertainment is the company established by CEO Gil Jong Hwa, who worked with Kara ever since its debut, and Nicole has been keeping in close contact with CEO Gil Jong Hwa since they became acquainted with each other when they were working with DSP Media.

B2M Entertainment stated, “For her solo activities, Nicole wanted an agency that knows her well and can support her above all other contract terms. CEO Gil Jong Hwa has known Nicole since her trainee days and highly regards her potential as an entertainer,” adding, “Nicole wanted to leave all the contract terms and agenda up to her former teacher CEO Gil Jong Hwa, but the company needed time to prepare in order to provide suitable treatment for Nicole, who is popular in Korea, Japan and around Asia, and when the preparation to support Nicole was completed recently, it naturally led to signing of her contact.”

The agency rep concluded, “From now on, Nicole will be preparing her solo album, which she has been preparing by herself quietly until now, under the full support of her new agency. Please show a lot of interest and support for Nicole, soon to stand on her own.”

src | mwave

OMG! The day has finally coooomeeee! Nicole is BACK! ^^^

[Info] Nicole's Duet with Jung Il Woo for The Night Watchman's Journal OST

She will have a duet with Jung Il Woo! The song is called 차라리 비 눈물에.

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

[Nicole-as] Birthday Gifts From Nicole-as (Japanese Fans)

Nicole posted up her birthday gifts from her Japanese fan-site from Japanese fans.


[Twitter/Instagram] Mariah Carey Concert, New Friend, & Thanks!

너무나도 멋진 @jemelmusic ! it was so fun to hang out with you ! hope to see you again soooon ♥

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

[Tweets/Instagram] Birthday Thanks

Huhut to everyone who congratulated me today through messages/calls! Also to those who made me special pictures thank you >_< it was a really great day! Thank you for thinking of me ♥
(Korean Message)

Thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday. Kept me smiling all day (:

Thank you for remembering my birthday.Thanks to you all, I had a great day! (Japanese Message)

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Japanese Trans by cherrims

Shirley tweeted these pictures!

니콜 생일에 너무 많이 먹었다!! 다이어트 실패!! 하지만 축하해 콜! 콜! 콜!