Tuesday, November 19, 2013

[News] Update on Nicole's Future Plans

News articles in Japan came out about Nicole.

A official close to Nicole said she plans to go to LA in February to train in dancing IF DSP decides Nicole is not able to stay in KARA.

The close official also said Nicole's 22 years old and has dreams of being a solo artist, she wants to fulfill her dream.

src | sanspo & sponichi

I think Nicole would go to train regardless of the decision, she mentioned her tweet about wanting to grow her skills so...

From Allkpop:

KARA's Nicole rumored to leave for the U.S. if an agreement can't be reached with DSP Media

A source close to Nicole is reported to have said, "Nicole is planning to go to the U.S. in February after her contract expires in mid January. Nicole is a U.S. citizen and was born in LA, and she's planning to further expand her dancing and singing skills at LA, the center of entertainment and world's top stars. It is Nicole's dream to be active as a solo artist. As she is now 22 years of age, it seems she has made this decision to achieve her dreams."

In addition, 'Sankei Sports' suggests that the reason for the conflict between DSP Media and Nicole stems from the issue of pursuing activities as a solo artist. They said, "Nicole has wanted both group and solo activities from the start of KARA. However, DSP Media does not recognize solo activities as an artist. Because of this, there was a difference of opinion. It seems this was one of the reasons for when she asked for her contract to be terminated back in 2011."

Regarding this report about Nicole's intention to leave for the U.S. in February, a DSP Media rep commented, "We are currently looking into the situation. The KARA members are currently on their tour in Japan. We haven't heard any details, so we will reveal our official statement after we confirm with Nicole."

From Soompi:
Japanese Media Report that Kara’s Nicole Will Go to the States in February 
Sankei Sports News reported that Nicole is currently considering to study in the U.S. in February. They reported that a representative of Nicole confirmed that the singer will not be renewing her contract when it ends in January, and will leave the group when it wraps up their Japanese concert tour. According to the representative, Nicole will go back to L.A. to train and study singing and dancing under top American artists. She hopes to come back to the Korea as a stronger solo singer.

From Koreaboo:

Nicole to return to the U.S. after her contract with DSP expires?

More news about Nicole’s departure from KARA and DSP Media resurfaces.

On November 20th, Korean news outlets reported that Nicole is considering leaving for Los Angeles, once her contract with the agency officially expires. According to Sankei Sports, a news agency in Japan, Nicole is considering flying to the United States to retrain and study, the moment her contract with DSP Media expires on January 2014.

It was further stated that Nicole’s possible withdrawal from the agency is caused by their different opinions on her growth as a solo artist, after previously mentioning that she wishes to be a solo artist, whilst being active in the group.

No other confirmation about this report has been released. DSP Media has not yet commented on this matter.


 I wouldn't be so set on this because Nicole hasn't said anything herself.

So, what do you guys think?


  1. She's still young. Seriously, she can train for 2-3 years and then come out as a bomb solo artist. I'll support Nicole all the way. Wherever she goes. After being a Kamilia fan and Nicole stan for 5 years, I realized this idol thing isn't going to last forever. With every comeback, only their concept changes. Nicole has more potential and she shouldn't stay with DSP because they aren't letting her use that potential.

    She started this when she was 16 and, now, she's going to try different things and leave the comfort zone of having her fans and the title as a Hallyu IDOL. Sounds exciting~~

    Anyways, just my 2 cents if Nicole really does plan to do this. Whatever she decides, I'll be following her activities :3

    1. yup!! agree with all u said :)

      I prefer her leaving DSP and trying out a solo career since DSP isn't giving her anything to work with besides KARA's stuff. Really unfair treatment.. miss as well leave now..

      Supporting Jung Nicole 100%!! Go train & revamp, be awesome and come back to Korea and slay the music industry!! Up yours DSP!

  2. Ahh don't leave cole! You're already an awesome dancer!

  3. I never knew she wanted to be active as a solo artist. I'm just happy she still has a passion & interest in remaining in entertainment even after KARA. I hope she isn't gone too long tho,it might be hard to comeback if she's away too long. Also I wonder if she's been looking into new management yet? Feel like next year she'll be MIA alot and I'll be going thru Nicole withdrawall~

  4. I agree with Mae, Nicole has yet to say anything herself, so I think we should wait until she announces anything herself. My only concern right now is what she's going through and how she's feeling right now. It breaks my heart each time I see her smiling in front of everyone, trying to assure everyone, especially the fans, that she's doing fine. To me it feels like she's having some internal conflict with herself and she's pushing herself really hard to mask it for everyone. I do think she's still thinking everything through and it's just getting harder and harder for her. And honestly, articles like this is not helping her or the fans at all. I'm all for her bettering herself and proving all the negativity wrong. Stay strong Nicole, just know no matter what happens there are numerous supporters here for you. For everyone one hater there are ten times more supporters.

    1. As of now there is still no official statement from Dsp or Nicole. Dsp is usually fast when it comes to denying rumors but this time no word from them yet. Im afraid this is all true :'(

    2. Or they realize that Nicole isn't going to wait around for their decision, she also has her own plans set.

  5. DSP has a tricky decision: relinquish some control and thereby setting a precedent. or by inaction, allow their most successful and profitable group (which is funding operations and talent development) to disintegrate and leave untold $$ on the table. imo, money speaks loudest and there will be a deal that gives some autonomy while keeping Kara intact. However in the worst case, Nico-chan can still proudly exit the stage with smiles, head held high, having reached the apogee of success with Kara.

  6. jung nicole hwaiting ! i will support u !! :D

  7. I wish they wouldn't report on anything until things are finalized. We don't know what will happen yet so it's just frustrating to see things reported when anything can change at the last minute when there are still about 2 months left. That being said, It would be so amazing if she DID go train and came back better than ever and had some huge hit and proved so many haters wrong.

  8. My concern is her new agency

  9. Dsp will have a big big loss, what can I say more, this girl is ambitious and has a tremendous potential!