Tuesday, August 9, 2016

[Instagram] Kkyu


  1. When she posted the first picture I had a feeling she was at the airport going somewhere. The background just screamed airport to me... hahaha... then her selfie proved it with the background as well. I hope this is her taking a vacation before going back and begin her prep for her comeback. Fingers crossed!

  2. Any news on her comeback ?

  3. I thought she currently preparing for her comeback . It seem to be delay again.

  4. why it take so long for her to comeback? Recently I watch mnet hit the stage, I really wish she can joint it.....i miss her dancing so much....

    1. Just a thought, there was an article just released about Spica's comeback. It mentioned how B2M and CJ E&M merged and how Eric Nam and Spica signed exclusive contracts with them.

      But Nicole didn't sign with CJ E&M that we know of, I don't understand where Nicole stands right now. Might this have to do with why she hasn't released anything...

  5. I miss her so much , uuuggggh comeback pleeeaaaasee