Wednesday, August 24, 2016

[News] 16.08.24. Nicole To “Hit The Stage” And Show Off Dancing Skills

A new dancer will have their chance to shine on Mnet’s “Hit the Stage”!
On August 24, the show confirmed that Nicole will be joining its line-up. They state that she will be participating in the competition that will take place on August 28, and will be aired at a later date.

They also clarify, “It has not been decided whether it will be a one-time appearance, or if she will continue on with the show.”
Many people are looking forward to seeing Nicole, who was known for her dancing abilities since her days as a KARA member.

“Hit the Stage” showcases K-pop stars as well as professional dancers who team up with each other to face off in a fierce battle of performances. With a different theme every time, idols such as INFINITE’s Hoya, SHINee’s Taemin, and more, are being highly lauded for their intricate and dynamic stages. It currently airs every Wednesday at 11 p.m. KST.

src| soompi

Nicole will be joining Mnet's 'Hit The Stage', she will be recording on August 28th.
Nicole's former dance teacher, Bae YoonJung is one of the judges on the show.

The episode will air sometime in mid-September.


It's been awhile since Nicole's performed on television.
Really good news!! :


  1. FINALLY! Nicole probably will be on episode 7 and onwards. :)

  2. She will kill it. Go Nicole .:)

  3. I really hope this signals her eventual comeback. Now I wonder who her partner will be. If it's not another idol, I hope it's TaeSung... hahaha...

  4. Thank god....i just watch the first 2 ep...hoping that nicole would join the show...and boomm....yeah...she's on...u can do it nicole...i also hope that she can stay longer in the show....hmm...praying...

  5. I guess from now on I will be watching hit the show because of Nicole . :) What's the show it all about ? And how they eliminate the contestants ??

    1. There is a new theme each round. The dancers and their dance crew create a performance with the theme in mind. I don't know how the contestants are eliminated and I've watched a couple of episodes lol

  6. Fans are really happy with this news. :) Nicole will start battle on episode 7. Knetz and judges especially bae yooonjung has high expectations on Nicole, as BYJ mentioned her as one of the best dancer that she ever had. After the news come out, i was remembering all her solo stages/performances and "man! She killed it!". Really, everybody really anticipate to see Nicole in hit the stage. And after this if she do comeback, no one will forgot her ever. :) The right show for our Nicole.

  7. I had no reason to watch Hit the Stage before... I do now!
    Nah. I'll just watch her cuts. Hopefully, she does super well just to wave it in DSP's stupid face.

    I haven't been following Kpop as religiously anymore but I'll get sucked into it again once she releases her album.
    (Please release a new Nicole album B2M!)

  8. i can't believe this... finally she can show her ability to dance *crying*

  9. I don't follow any kpop thing if it's not about Nicole 😄 I just love her so much that I don't want to see other idol if it's not related to her 😄😘😘


    You can see her as Harley Quinn here! <3 I love Nicole, can't wait to see her dance! Hopefully this will lead to more music, I love Mama, it's so good!