Tuesday, October 26, 2010

[Audio] Jumping (Full)

Credit: Uploader.

Hmm can't help but feel a bit disappointed that Cole has soo little parts in Jumping (from at least the audio).. I can think of various reasons as to why this is so but still I feel like I need more Nicole hah XD

I'm just wondering what her role will be for the promos if she doesn't get to sing that much and the dance parts are spread across members...


  1. mae,

    My sentiments exactly! And i'll bet the attention will be on a certain member's solo part (which reminds me a bit of Madonna's 'vogue' moves)..

    Our Cole.. she's not an attention hogger anyway and she'll give her best in whatever that is given to her. So let's hope she'll receive the love and support she truly deserve.

    BTW, I'm secretly wishing that Burn will be a heartfelt ballad that will let our girls showcase their vocal strength esp GyulHamCole.

  2. jadedyetinspired, we were totally spoiled since Mister, we just assume Cole HAS to be the center of attention for performances lol but I understand why things are the way they are. She manages to get people's attention without having to be so obvious so.. i'm not as worried haha