Monday, April 27, 2015

[Fan] 15.04.22. 'Something Special' Peformance @ KCON 2015 Japan Fancam

The fancam of Something Special has been removed from Youtube.


  1. This isn't the title song? But the info you linked said Something special IS the debut song?

    1. The Oricon Style article does not state that Something Special is her title song. Yes, technically Something Special is her debut song because it is her first Japanese song she has performed in Japan. But some news sites determined that it meant Something Special will be her legit release.

      Something Special isn't an up-tempo, bright pop sound which is how Tower Records described her single.

      It's just my belief, of course it's up to each fan to decide. It doesn't really matter.

  2. I'm confuse. So this isn't her title song for her Japanese debit? I read the sources but I'm still confuse if it's the title track or not... hahaha... either way, I like the song. It's so 90's pop influence. I love it.

  3. Someone uploaded mama n something special audio on youtube
    Is there any news about her debut song title?