Thursday, April 23, 2015

[Vid] 15.04.23. MCountdown KCON 2015 Japan Nicole Cut


oh intro!

With bff Soyu @ Ending:


  1. This is all great, I just wish there were enough MC cuts so that I could find the one where Nicole subbed in for Lovelyz' member who was the original MC ahaha... A "Something Special" cut too... THOSE CHEERS AND FANCHANTS during Nicole's performance though! So proud hehe

  2. Seems to me that everyone is Nicole's BFF. Key seems to be the first, don't know if he still is anymore, I feel like these two are beyond the BFF status. Wasn't SeoHyun her BFF at one point or was just her BF? And then there's Nana, Nana claims Nicole was her BFF too or was that just BF as well. I feel like there might be more... hahaha... Nicole you butterfly you. I just hope they cherish the friendship as much as I see Nicole does.

    1. Key is still her bff, she mentioned him numerous times when she was promoting last year. Nicole seems to be super tight with Key and Soyu.