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[Interview] 12.07.13. Live in Malaysia 2012, Press Conference and Interview with KARA!

World Stage Live in Malaysia 2012 is once again set to make a big return this year with a spectacular line-up featuring famous teen pop star Justin Bieber, very hot and sexy Mizz Nina and sensations K-Hallyu Waves Jay Park and KARA. Many thanks to MTV World Stage organizer, Koreanupdates got the chance to have an interview with KARA.

KARA, a name that’s not need an introduction, famous worldwide with their hits single “Mister” and hot butt dance. We are lucky to get a chance to spend our evening with 5 beautiful ladies of Kara members, Kang Jiyoung – Jung Nicole – Park Gyuri – Han Seungyeon and Goo Hara. They all looked fresh and innocent with white-blue outfits and honestly they really have stunning beauty.

During interview, there is a translator to help us communicate with KARA and as known, Nicole is the only one can speak English fluently.

Without further delay, let’s check out our interview session with KARA!
Q: This is your first time to Malaysia. What is your first impression?
Nicole: Malaysia is very nice country. It has beautiful landscape and when I opened a window in the morning I can see a green city.

Q: During your visit at Singapore, you only performed 2 slow songs and your fans not really happy about it because they really anticipated your dance song.
Seungyeon: We are truly sorry about it but due to healthy issue we are unable to perform like always we do and we promise we will perform more songs for our next visit at Singapore.

Q: What do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
Nicole: We would like to master in variety of area that we are in like acting, VJing, DJing and singing. And we hope we can celebrate our 10th anniversary as a KARA.

Q: If you are not singer/idol, what will you be?
Nicole: We will be a normal college student. Laugh. Perhaps, I will be a cooking teacher.
Jiyoung: I wannabe animal trainer.
Gyuri: I will still be a singer.
Sungyeon: Maybe, Japanese or Korean translator.
Hara: College student with a load part time jobs and have many big dreams.

Q:  Other than your music style right now, what other genre of music that you wanna try out?
Nicole: We are not planning anything so far. But we love to try other than dance music genre.

Q: You are big name in Japan. What is your strength to popular there?
Nicole: We are really lucky to get a load of love from our fans in Japan. I think it’s because we can speak Japanese fluently, we practiced Japanese a lot.

Q: What do you do when you have a free time?
Nicole: We spend our time in dorm. Sleep, rest and hang out together. Sometimes, we back home and visit our family.

Q: At this MTV World Stage, will you collaborate with Jay Park?
Gyuri: No, there is no collaboration with Jay Park.

Q: How do you feels to perform same stage with famous star Justin Bieber?
Jiyoung: Justin Bieber is a famous star and I always listens to his songs.
Nicole: A new experience!

And our 10 minutes exclusive interview with KARA came to end.
See you soon KARA!

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* The dorm mentioned, I got the impression some live solo and some live with family so maybe it was mentioned for privacy and safety reasons. The writer might not know this info and wrote dorm.

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  1. Quite possibly the worst interview of all time. lol laugh worthy