Saturday, July 28, 2012

[Vid] 12.07.28. MTV World Stage in Malaysia 2012 : KARA CUT

"I hate to be ordinary. Yes! I hate to be ordinary. I want to be extraordinary." 


 "I think we are more like best friends because we have a lot curiosity and we love having girl talks while we are doing our schedules.. talking about like food or boys or music, whatever is popular at the time."


  "Ah it was wonderful, wonderful. It was so invigorating. The energy of the crowd was just unexplainable, it was so awesome. It felt like doing a concert all over again, it was so wonderful. Thank You so much for having us, I hope we can come again soon."

I love it when Nicole speaks in English because it's like Nicole's "real" personality comes through :D


  1. Did they cut out their 'Let It Go' performance? Or did I miss it O_O

    1. Let It Go and Lupin were cut out XD Didn't air.

  2. Mae,
    Agree with you :D I feels like when Cole speaks in English, her hyperness and adorkability is more obvious :) Maybe it's like she's in her 'comfort zone' so she feels less restrained...