Sunday, October 21, 2012

[News] Limited Edition Kara Art to Go On Sale


The Kara members are becoming works of art.

Collaborating with the hallyu items sale site,, special limited edition art posters, magnets and other art items will go on sale later this month. 

The works will be drawn by realist painter Won Jong Shin and Park Gi Il for the special project. Only 4,000 copies of the individual member posters and 6,000 copies of the group’s posters will be printed. The special art cubes will be made in the form of a toy cube and feature never-before-seen pictures from the recent Pandora album. 

A special exhibition featuring works from the project will be available for viewing beginning in December at the TV12 gallery in Seoul’s Gangnam-gu. 

Taken from enewsworld


  1. Notice the small pix of magnet/sticker (?) for each member..
    Hairbrush for Gyul, cookies for Cole and guiter for Jing.. can't make out the items for Ham & Hara though..

    Cute representations of their interest LOL

  2. CD for Hara can't see what's for SY T.T

    1. um it seems high heels to me.. :P