Thursday, June 25, 2015

[News] Nicole’s Japanese Debut Single Enters Oricon’s Top 10 On The Day Of Its Release

Nicole finally released her Japanese debut single "Something Special" and entered Oricon chart's top 10. This is Nicole's first Japanese solo single since she left KARA at the beginning of 2014.

"Something Special" was ranked 9th on Oricon's daily single chart on the day of its release on June 24. Nicole enjoyed great popularity as a KARA member, and this proved that she had secured her status as a powerful vocalist and could succeed as a solo artist.

"Something Special" is a dance track that expresses fluttering feelings of first love. 
Nicole also went to Japan on June 22 to actively promote "Something Special."

src| kpopstarz


  1. She ranked 7th places today


  3. I wish her promotions were better. Like it'd be great if she could get on music station or music japan one day. She hasn't even performed her song yet on any tv show has she?

    1. I'm realizing how great KARA has it in Japan. They became such a big name and going to those music shows was a given.

      Now that Nicole's basically starting over and has signed with a smaller company compared to Universal, I think performing on those music shows might not be as accessible as before? XD I think meeting with fans is crucial as well, since most hadn't seen her in over a year and half.

  4. YAYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOHOO!!