Saturday, January 15, 2011

[Summary] Urakara EP 1.

2009 Seoul>

Tamiya has just finished an important phone call and Gyuri comments on how his Japanese is beautiful, and went on to ask him if he thinks her Japanese is also beautiful. He agrees, and Gyuri asks him if he thinks she is beautiful. They stare intently into each other's eyes...

Back in KARA's dorm, all the girls are sleeping except for Seungyeon. She confronts Gyuri madly as Gyuri returns home and questions her whereabouts and why she skipped the lesson.

The girls are doing their normal morning routines, and Nicole brings out a dress of the latest Tokyo fashion.

Dance teacher reprimands them and questions them if they've ever fallen in love (I reckon he wants them to show more emotion). Gyuri spaces out.

Nicole bombards Gyuri with questions about the person she likes. Nicole notes that a famous soccer player is sitting near them and goes to get his phone number.

The girls are about to go off to see the manager. Gyuri doesn't want to see the manager, Seungyeon gets mad at her.

Manager is about to depart on a long trip to learn how to improve the entertainment company.

Girls return back to dorm to find a robot manager in the house. Robot manager explains the "missions." The concept of the mission is to make the target fall in love with the whoever is doing the mission.

Gyuri gets the mission from the robot manager.

Gyuri goes to meet Tamiya at the airport and follows him to the hotel. They go out to eat and have fun.

Tamiya explains that he had a wife, but she died three years ago, and he hadn't thought that he would ever fall in love again. But since he met her yesterday, this thought has changed. About to confess..Robot pops up!

Gyuri says that she can't accept his confession, and says that she's not the girl he thinks she is. She walks away after saying sorry.

Gyuri and robot talks. Robot comments (to himself) that her charm has reached the next level because of the mission.

Gyuri returns home and Seungyeon is again staying up.

Gyuri: I'm home.
Seungyeon: Go sleep, we have to wake up early tomorrow. You're the leader of KARA, right? Don't make this kind of face. (She's trying to cheer Gyuri up)
Gyuri: Sorry.. -they hug-

That night, Jiyoung dreams that they were performing Mister at a Japanese music show.

At the airport, Tamiya sees the TV's showing a clip of KARA. The guy next to him asks who's his ideal type, and he replies the girl in the middle (Gyuri).

Tamiya: I've confessed to that girl before.

Back at KARA's dorm, Gyuri receives a text from Tamiya ("Thank you, good bye.") She deletes the text. Gyuri then got Nicole's home and deleted the soccer player's contact info.

The other four girls also want their own missions and bother the robot manager.


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