Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Info] Information about KARA on SBS Strong Heart

On May 12, all 5 members of KARA were participating together for the filming of SBS Strong Heart. This was the first variety show they filmed all together after the incident between 3 members and DSP were well resolved.

The PD of the Strong Heart, Mr Park Sanghyuk said "We began filming at 2pm on May 12 and ended at 2am on May 13. It had been a very long time since the last time we saw all 5 members together, so we were all really happy. The filming was completed in a fun and delightful atmosphere." He also added that the three sunbae, who were on the same program that day, were Baek Jiyoung, Moon Heejun and Jang Woohyuk; they gave KARA sincere advices on how to overcome the difficult period /crisis of idols.

During the filming, members of KARA truly shared the pain and thoughts they had during the time of the conflicts between the group and management company DSP. The members also cried when filming, but generally, the filming ended happily and smoothly.

In addition, to support Hara's acting debut in the SBS drama "City Hunter", Nicole and Seungyeon had sent messages to her and wished Hara "Fighting! While in the waiting room with people who participated in the show on that day, the members of KARA were also very active, and happily talking to everyone.

Based on the latest information from SBS, Strong Heart episode with the appearance of the 5 members of KARA will officially air on May 17 (Wed)

[c]: Newsen; Joinsmsn; TV Report; SBS Strong Heart, Twitter
Collected & translated by Yoo & hasomy @ karaholic


Really I hope there is closure so both KARA and Kamilia can heal and move on. 

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