Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Info] KARA mentioned twice in CNN's 50 Reasons why Seoul is the Greatest City

Reason 14:  A bang for every occasion

Few people party like work-hard, play-hard Seoulites. Local bang (literally meaning "room") culture provides the like-minded a place to gather and obsess over their favorite activities. Show off your hottest Kara butt dance at norae bang (karaoke lounge), watch movies in a DVD bang, play poker at a board game bang or slay all comers in Starcraft at a PC bang (internet café).

Reason 32:  Girl group domination

From TV and billboards to ramen packages and water filters, dancing, baby-faced and short-shorted girl groups are everywhere in Seoul. Armed with innocent (sort of) side braids and mesmerizing legs, they’re now going global, with the Wonder Girls infiltrating New York and the U.S. fashion scene, 2NE1 dominating Sandara Park’s native Philippines and Kara and Girls Generation battling it out for supremacy on Japan’s Oricon charts.

Source: CNN

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  1. In the 90s there was Macarena. Now there is the KARA Butt Dance.