Wednesday, May 25, 2011

[Info] Updated: The full fan seating chart for Dream Concert 2011

Feel soo proud of the girls!! They got 2 sections at their first year and now look at them :) 
That whole space all to Kamilia!!! 

credit: radeonactive

I wonder where Rainbow fans are being seated though...
Kamilia will turn out.. right? haha


  1. I'm sure Rainbow's fan will sit with Kamilia (like Beast with 4min/GNA and SM artists, where they sit together~)

  2. The part of H that neither KARA or FTI/ASandCo occupies?

  3. may b the H section is 4 rainbow??well im sure kamilia will show the DSP LOVE power huh??hehe..proud wif KARA n KAMILIA!!yay~

  4. ty u for share this pic i feel so proud for Kamilia ,may be theri seat include triple s or rainbow fan but anyway KARA 5ting ^^