Friday, May 20, 2011

[Fan] 11.05.20 Nicole spotted at Testing Location

I just have time to post now.

The day before yesterday, I went to take an exam and I saw Nicole at exam location ^0^
She was reaaalllyy skinny TT TT As soon as i saw her, immediately feel ashamed about my body TT TT
She was coming while greeting the proctor. She was indeed polite and courteous / elegant TT TT
I just could look at her from back behind but she was seriously skinny TT
Kamilia should give her more food hahahahahahahaha
I checked the paper in candidate list and saw it was writen "Nicole, Jung"
and i know i got the right person hahahahahaha

source: Daum
translated by Yoo @ karaholic

* Expect more info.There is another fan acct from this person, it will be posted up soon. 


  1. She was taking her GED.. we haven't translate the other fan acct yet.. more details will be included there.