Saturday, May 28, 2011

[Tweet] 11.05.29. Cole's Morning

Today cookie haha Euhaha The weather is so great that i'm wearing the pink shirt which i just wore only one time before hahahaha so great hahahahaha Today i have to eat something tasty hahahaha

In Japanese: 
 Hello! Today weather is really great! Therefore i'm wearing the pink shirt haha Should i go to eat something tasty?!! Though those cookie are my breakfast already but.. From tomorrow, i will work hard too

"Gift! Present!! For you!

Trans CR: YOO @ KH


  1. mae,
    Unrelated .. but i don't know who to ask ..:)
    There's fan acct about Nicole on a flight to Taiwan posted on dc nicole. I google translated it and I think this father and son were commenting how Nicole was very friendly to them and waited outside the airport to take a photograph with them :)

    I'm not sure how to get our team at KH to translate it.. thought maybe you could help :D
    This is the link -

    thx in advance

  2. hey i saw a pic..cole with kim soo roo ajusshi..cole unnie retweet his tweetpic..she in this top also.

  3. Nikori so pretty in the pic hahaha and her message, could it be she'slearning fanservice??? hahahhaha :P And she's into baking lately, looks delicious :D

  4. jadedeyetinspired, I saw that fan acct.. i'll ask.. too bad it seems like no Cole fans are Korean at all XD.. it's harder to get things trans.. and there's always stuff about Cole that people write about.. XD

  5. mae, thanks XD
    Too bad we can't read Korean or we could hv translated it ourselves :)
    A very sweet story .. coz if I got it right, Cole waited at the taxi stand for more than 20 minutes for the father and son to get their camera from their luggage. Coz apparently the son wanted to take a photo with Cole and Cole promised them she would wait for them ..

    Hmm.. google translator is not that helpful :(

  6. jadedyetinspired, ahh really I couldn't understand most of the fan acct haha. that's totally sweet and expected that Cole would do that.. i'm trying to verify the original source though.. cause the original post was from a Chinese it'll take a bit.