Saturday, November 19, 2011

[Tweet] To Hara & Stella

In the previous tweet post Hara tweeted and told Cole to sleep, this morning Cole tweeted her back :)

Cole to Hara: I'm waiting for you ㅋ

Cole & hkdiary (Stella, ex SM trainee):

Cole to Stella : unnie you ate all of this in one meal? hahahaha wow everything looks so delicious I want to go to New York ㅜ haha

Cole to hk_diary: haha what you ate that much desert? haha perilla seeds that thing makes me curious hahaha Future roomie someday?!! honored

Cole to hk_diary: daebak aehoo but it seems like half of unnie's tweets are about eating food with someone~~~ hahaha

hk_diary to Cole: of course... After finishing the food I ate again... +_+ come soon let's hang out at unnie's apartment <3

hk_diary to cole: hahaha of course <3 I came to eat dinner right now hahahaha

CR _karatweets

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