Friday, November 18, 2011

[Vid] KARA talking about DSP's Magazine "Colorful" + Trans

taking super fast lol.
tip off: firewater07@KH

Translations via Superior Music @ tumblr:
Gyuri: Everyone,
KARA: Hello, we’re KARA!
Hara: I’m Hara. / Ji young: I’m Ji Young.
Nicole: I’m Nicole.
Gyuri: I’m Gyuri.
Seung Yeon: I’m Seung Yeon.
Hara: I’m Hara.
Gyuri: By the way, do you know? DSP Media, which we’re under, will be putting out DSP Magazine! 
Nicole: This magazine is a first in Korea also, and is the first magazine in Japan that will provide up close coverage of K-Pop production. Readers will be able to easily understand various information about artists under DSP.
Seung Yeon: That’s not all guys! Starting with previously unreleased photos of KARA, Rainbow, and newly debuted artists, you might be able to see previously unseen… previously unseen images during our activities. Please look forward to them!
[Not super confident about some of her parts] 
Ji Young: Through DSP Magazine, you’ll be able to see what goes on in our daily lives/what we’re like usually. Please don’t miss out on this! 
Hara: [She give out the more technical details. Basically, they’re planning to release 1 issue every 3 months.]
Gyuri: It’s been getting cold recently, and maybe there are a lot of people who caught a cold? Please keep warm and watch out for your health. Lastly, please look forward to our new 2nd album Super Girl, out 11/23!
KARA: We’re KARA! Thank you!
Screen text:
DSP Media Magazine
On sale 11/30 (Wed)!!!
Subscription only / 4 issues per year
9,500 Yen (tax and shipping included)
96 Pages (planned) / Full color / Softback

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