Monday, September 23, 2013

[Fan] 13.09.15. Full Bloom Fan Sign Ending Fancam by panic

Remember those fan pictures of Nicole and JiYoung from the fan sign on the 15th? 
There's more to the story...

As the girls finish up with the fansign, a fan goes to the table and surprises JiYoung and Nicole because he looks upset. The staff quickly move him away from the table. Apparently, he showed up late and the staff wouldn't let him get his autographs. However, Cole's insistent and turns around to look for him. She even tells the manger to bring the fan back, even though some members are getting up from their chairs. So the manager lets the fan come back to get his autographs.

And that's why Nicole is the best!

See more of what happened in this fancam taken by Viktoriya:
and verified what happened here


  1. Aww nicole truly is one of a kind

  2. Ohso.. The guy doesn't have cd. I wonder if the cd he got was from kara too. If that the case just wow. How much more awesome could they or better nicoru be :)

  3. God dammit I love this girl. Could she BE any more awesome?!?!

  4. i watch the other video..

    so he was gyuri fan.. feel like he just passed through nicole and just stare gyuri lol

    1. Yea, but see how much more awesome Nicole is haha