Thursday, September 26, 2013

[Nicole-ing] 13.09.26. Nicole's Message at Nicole-ing: It's Really Been a Long Time!


Nicole-inging ~~~ Hello everyone ! It's really been a long time hasn't it??
Actually. . . .every time I've tried to access I couldn't do itㅜㅜ Also I keep on forgetting my password. . so it's like this. . .
I'm sorry. . . you must be. . .sad right??
I'll come more often ! So I can also access this site using the phone . . .euhuhuhuhuhuhu. . . . ㅠㅅㅠ

This week is our last stages. . .you must feel some pity don't you? We feel that tooㅜㅜhuk. . . .
I feel thankful just to be able to see you again but. . . can't help to feel pity and wanting for more.
However let's have fun for the last 3 days ! Spend our days happily to the utmost ♥

My favorite, Autumn is slowly coming ! Kkya
It's starting to get cold at night. Be careful not to get cold because of the changing of the seasons and wear warm clothes.

. . . you know how I feel right. . .?
I hope you do. .

It's a selca I took last week. . .lately I don't take selca often. .ㅜ

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Translated by yuda @ karaholic

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