Monday, September 23, 2013

[Info] KARAboard's Donation Information for Nicole's Birthday !

KARAHolic isn't able to do a project for Nicole this year, so if you want to contribute something for Nicole's Birthday, you can do so with this project :)

♨♨♨ Fundraising Guidance for the anniversary of Nicole`s birth ♨♨♨

Hello everyone.

Nicole's 23th birthday on October 7 approaching, we start the fundraising.
It plans to add up the balance of last drama fundraising, and we invite fresh ideas for birthday presents.
Please participate with much interest for a worthy achievement.

Thank you.

□ Details
   ▲ Support Type : birthday presents support
   ▲ Fundraising Period : September 21, 2013 ~ October 6, 2013
   ▲ Fundraising Accouts : Paypal Account - (please, copy and paste in order to avoid any mistakes) 
   ▲ How to Participate : After you've made a deposit to the above account, please leave a confirmation article (secret article – 비밀글) on the Support Board ( as follow :
      ○ Title : Nicole`s birthday support deposit
      ○ Content : Deposit Amount - 10$ (ex.)
                        Depositor Paypal Account - (ex.)
                        Deposit Date & Time - 7/8 02:00 (ex.)
      ※ The accurate and fast deposit confirmation can be made if the direction is followed closely.

□ Notes
   ▲ If you have any question, please write comment in this article, karaboard message or please let me know with Twitter : @lharoharol or E-mail :
   ▲ If you have fresh ideas for birthday presents, please write comment in this article or send karaboard message.


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  1. Isn't it 22nd birthday? (I'm 91' too) On the page it's even said that this is 24th lol Anyway it's the first time i can help with the project and i'm surely gonna join in :D