Saturday, June 19, 2010

10.06.19. SGB Review

All in all, KARA's screen time was good. I mean SJ were there XD. 

But a total Classic KARA moment happened lol. So in the row, it's Gyuri, Nicole, Jiyoung, & Hara. Hara was giving out a clue and each member would have to guess a syllable, in the end being the answer to Hara's clue. Hara's clue was 'A very pretty girl'. Gyuri goes 'Gyu', Nicole says 'Ri', Jiyoung says 'Yo', and Hara finishes it off with 'Shin'! Haha, their answer was "Goddes Gyuri" lol.. Loved it. At first, Gyuri picked Nicole as the clue giver but.. the members didn't get her clues lol. 

Nicole's complex, she said  that she always moves her head forward, kind of like a turtle? She didn't say a duck, but the head movements? lol. So Donghae was like.. yea she does do that and imitated her saying Hi while moving her head forward and back and bowing lol.. and Shindong  imitated her while lifting weights lol. Cole was SOOO embarrassed she was fanning her face cause it got so hot and covering her face with her blanket XD

It was alright, the little french/korean girl was nowhere has hysterical as Cole was :P

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