Saturday, July 25, 2015

[Nicole_as] 15.07.24. Nicole's Update @ Nicole Always Smile

Are you well?

Me.. because of the weather, I'm a bit under..
I don't want to do anything..
Even pilates is difficult..
Recently I've also started dieting.
I won't drink alcohol either! wwwww
Is it okay to write this wwww
But since I have to start preparing, I would not drink. ww
If I drink, I'll just drink one glass? ww
It's been almost a week since I last drank
To all of the adults, you understand how this is an amazing thing, right? wwwww
I'm sorry

Continuing after grapefruit!
The thing that I'm into now!!
It's avocado!
Although I've liked it since before...
Because I've decided to go on a diet...
I've suddenly taken an interest as to the taste of avocado toast..
Scrambled egg and cheese and avocado what does it taste like
I tried making it.. What to do, I'm addicted.
On my instagram photos, on the left is the food that I always make and eat.
On top of the mozarella cheese and avocado is pepper, and I add it truffle oil. It's so delicious..
I love truffle oil wwww
But even if you don't have this, please try the avocado toast!
On the right!
Mixed to the avocado is salt, pepper, and a bit of lemon juice.
On top of the bread, I placed cream cheese and ricotta cheese, then the avocado mixture.
On top of that, red pepper!!!
For four consevutive days, I've been eating only avocado w

Before this, during Something Special's promotions, I am glad to have been able to see everyone ^^
Have you listened to it?
Although it might have been a trouble, thank you for coming to see me.
Even though during the handshake event, it was so hot outside...
But I had fun seeing everyone, greeting everyone, and even talking to everyone!
This time, to show you more sides of me, I'm doing my best.
I'll be coming again this year, okay? ww
Before I return to Japan, I'll be having some activities in Korea. Please watch over me >_ I'll be doing my best w

Soon, I have a small...
A really small present for you w


original src| Nicole-as

translated by _mellificent


  1. Woww . Please comeback soon nicole

  2. Present?? Comeback song would be the best present for her fans I think

  3. Korean comeback!!! Excited!!! We all knew the moment she mentions dieting it can only mean a comeback is near!

  4. can't wait for her comeback :)

  5. I know koreans are more like to get drunk, but
    Is there normal to get drunk at least once a week?

    Cole, please dont get drunk often, beware for the long term effects :( - we love you!