Tuesday, July 14, 2015

[Twitter] Support Hara's Solo

Please give your support to Hara's first solo Choco Chip Cookie !!!
fighting ~~~ !

Translated by yooniqda_

I think that says it all ^^


  1. I miss HaNi! :) Nicole still support Hara. She's so lovely. I'm waiting for JiNi moment. But hardly to see. Oh btw jiyoung has delete her twitter acc?

  2. She truly the real angel... Still support them no matter what happen to her..

  3. This is why I appreciate B2M so much for giving Nicole the freedom to freely speak and talk about whatever she feels through social media. It's stupid to see that DSP is still keeping a gag order on the girls regarding speaking about or displaying any type of relationship with Nicole and JiYoung publicly.

    1. But I think Hara has spoken about Nicole & Jiyoung and even supported Nicole's Mama debut.

    2. DSP only allowed Hara for her show. We all know it was for rating. But it doesn't change the fact that Hara, Nicole and JiYoung support each other<3. The maknae line always showed true love.

  4. When i first saw nicole tweet to support hara, my heart was like dub dab dub dab dub dab. Hahahahah. So happy! Seriously, lately i'm watching all variety shows that has nicole. So when i saw she tweet that, i'm so happy! I'm hoping for miracle right now. A miracle that has nicole and all the 5 members. :)