Thursday, July 9, 2015

[Instagram] Nicole @ Park Kyung's Bday Party Photo

 Nicole's on the right side.


  1. Block B's Park Kyung?! Omg<3

  2. i see teentop CAP,beside nicole is block b members jaehyo and is that zico? and isnt that B.I(IKON) the one in red cap with red checked??ohh i want to know who else were there..haha jyeah nicole still spreading her social connection..whee..haha

    1. Also, that other guy with the red cap and red hoodie, isn't him Winner's Song Mino?

      Nicole seems to be easy going with boys:) Her friends are mostly guys. I hope she gets along with all this Block B, Teen Top, iKON.. new ships, you know XD

    2. that you mention that..that guy kinda look like mino..well we know that mino is close with black yeah that could be's good to see her mingling with other fellow idol..she seems to be more comfortable being friends with guys..its really nice to see least we know she wasnt so lonely in the entertaiment she close to other idols..keke