Saturday, August 1, 2015

[Twitter/Instagram] Selca, Facemasks, Drinks with Friend

@z_one798 언니랑 셀카놀이 


여전히 사랑스럽고 더 여성스러워진 @nicole.911007이랑 #콩부인


@z_one798 언니가 권해준 #원진마스크팩 오늘부터 5일#집중케어로#아기피부 만들기 도전 이뻐져야지 ! 앞으로도 완전 애정할꺼같아요 ~~~ #닥터진화장품#원진몰#홈케어#마스크팩


  1. Yeeey, I like her face without bangs. I guess a lot of people think she looks better because her forehead but in my opinion she looks younger, natural and prettier without them.~

  2. I think her "diet" is actually helping her, because she looks better, I could even say she gained weight. During MAMA promotions she looked so tired and really skinny... I hope she's eating well and working out for a healthy life. :)