Monday, July 11, 2016

[Info] Nicole is no longer an MC on Beauty Station

On the latest episode of Beauty Station, Secret's JiEun became the new MC.

What is she up too...


  1. :(
    will miss her on the shows...

  2. I only hope this is a sign that her comeback is on its way. I can see her leaving the show to put her full concentration on her impending comeback. Since she wants and prefer to be involved in everything then I can see her putting all her efforts in to her comeback with out other distractions. This is my hope.

  3. So sad....the only show to follow nicole had gone...😭😭

  4. Her last episode she was blonde and if I'm not mistaken she dyed her hair in black on June 15 which means it has been a month. Idk if her haircolour has anything to do with the comeback but I really hope it will be in this month. Tbh she supposed to do comeback on Nov last year as stated in her later on October 25th, 2015
    But yeah we dont know what happened to the company (b2m illegal issue) and her comeback got delayed till now. Okay so whats my point here? I dont know. I just miss her on stage. TT

  5. Do you know why she is no longer the MC??

    1. I don't know for sure, maybe she only signed up to do 20 episodes..