Tuesday, November 15, 2016

[Instagram Story] D-Day 10 Countdown

춤추기 전후. 니콜 바이바이 👋
@holicsso @jin_jw antaetae 역시 틀려 👍

ohhh what's happening next Friday?! :)


  1. Something's about to go down! OMG!!! Please be Korean comeback related! Please!!!... hahaha... we're all getting so desperate... hahaha... it could possibly be another Hit The Stage appearance. Anticipating the excitement!

  2. Maybe hit the stage season 2 . I don't think her Korean comeback.

  3. I've been missing out news about nicole for few week..can anybody update me about her activity?about D-day? And about the last picture? What about it? Can't really recognize the face.. please update me🙏🏻😬

    1. Nicole posted on her IG Story a countdown, there isn't any official news about this. We just have to wait to see what's happening on Friday :)

      The last picture is one of her dancers, I don't think it's anything too significant.

    2. Ahh..thanks for clearing things😚..this friday or next?cant wait😱!!hopefully her comeback..and mayb we can see her on end year event😍