Saturday, August 5, 2017

[Instagram Live] 17.08.05. Instagram Live


  1. Look like she mention will have some news soon regarding her future plan....

  2. She went to Bali?!
    Btw is there any video with english sub about Nicole's congrats message to Kave Mall? Thank you.

    1. I saw jaejoong fans translate just congrats kave mall opening and there lot of good thing. And fans state all the celebrity congrats video is based on jaejoong's friendship.

      Just curious will Nicole attend the opening at 12 August?

  3. Ok, so she mentions that she will have a comeback, "hopefully soon..." and then she addresses the fact that she knows we're feeling frustrated and that she understands but she hope that we can wait just a bit longer. It is also not good timing right now to reveal anything but she is hoping to have comeback soon.

    That is what I gathered from the video. I really do hope everything goes smoothly and we can get a comeback from her by the year's end, early next year the latest. Fingers crossed.