Monday, November 13, 2017

[Instagram Live] 17.11.08. Update from Nicole

Sorry for the lack of posts, I figured many of you follow Nicole on her social media accounts. I'm posting this one here for those who missed out on her IG Live.

"Yes, I will sing again"

The song Nicole hums/sings around 10:04 is Bolbbalgan4's To My Youth, if you are curious:


  1. I really miss her performing... SiGH!!

  2. I thinks its about 2 year soon from her comeback news ages ago. The others singer that mention will make comeback same time as her already making their 2 or 3 times comeback, but Nicole not yet to see. I wonder what happen with her contract with B2M? Is she still under B2M? How i hope she can comeback really soon before fans started forgetting about her