Friday, August 3, 2018

[Video] tvN "Life Bar" EP. 82 with Nicole (Eng Subbed)

Watch here:


  1. Omg! She dated!... hahaha... I'm actually not surprised. I always wondered who she had gone all these trips with even though she says she went by "herself". And we all know she tends to be oblivious to guys flirting with her, especially with her hanging out with so many guys so often. Now I'm curious of whom she dated and who had asked her to date for "2 minutes"... hahaha... loving how open she is now. Good on her for managing to keep her personal life private. But I do hope that if she does end up dating anyone in the future or even now, and it's serious, I hope she will let us know. I would wholeheartedly support her, she deserves to be happy... She would have never gone on these types of shows back then.

  2. Can you please point me where did she talk about dating? ?

  3. Miss her so much....

  4. Any news about her comeback?

    1. I read that she might release something in Japan this year...