Wednesday, October 3, 2018

[Fan] Nicole with Always Smile (Japanese Fanclub) Banner

Fans got these snacks for Nicole & staff (?)

Nicole filmed a beauty show.


*Nicole recently asked Japanese fans which songs they would like to hear her sing.
It looks like her Japan fan meeting might be soon!


  1. I still remember when nicole agency said nicole will have another comeback in 2016 . But nothing happened . Its 2018 and I’m seriously losing hope . There has been alot of empty promises, I don’t think she will do anything related to music, its been too long and she got comfortable being out of the music industry. Nicole anxiety always gets the best of her

    1. Actually Nicole is having fan meetings in Japan in December, the title of the fan meetings are called COMEBACK Nicole ~ Our Christmas List. This seems like the start of her music activities, at least in Japan.