Wednesday, September 24, 2014

[News/Rumors] Nicole's Solo Debut will be in October!

According to an exclusive by TV Report, Nicole will be making her solo debut soon, finally returning to the music scene after departing KARA back in January!

The news article claimed that multiple insiders from the music industry revealed her debut date was approaching.  Allegedly, she has decided on her debut track and is engaged in vocal and dance practices, planning to promote a song and do a showy performance that might set her as the next Lee Hyori, according to insiders. They say she is also very much like Lee Hyori in terms of their career path as the veteran soloist left DSP Media group Fin.K.L to pursue solo activities and is signed under B2M Entertainment.

We previously reported an exclusive on Nicole possibly joining B2M Entertainment, and it appears she has finalized a contract with them since then, presuming the insider comments are true.

The date for Nicole's solo debut is reported to be sometime in the middle of October. Stay tuned for updates!


[Update] A rep from B2M has responded to say, "We are in the midst of sorting things out for her return." So it seems very likely that these insider claims will turn out to be true!

Translated by allkpop


  1. I hope it's true! But I really want to hear it from Nicole herself. It's almost October and she hasn't said anything, neither has there been official news reports.

  2. yay finally some good news for us!! This autumn will be the best for us T^T

  3. OMG, I just said something yesterday and today I have good news. Awesome!!!! I should've said something sooner. Lol lol. Yay!!!!

  4. Yay i just opend my eyes to these news soooo happy

  5. It will be jjang if the comeback on her bday!! xD

  6. Yeahh..kyaaa!!finally..the day that we all waiting for is fanally arrived..thanks mae for keep updating to us..and hopefully to see nicole on many variety nowonwards..kyaaa..i almost scream and jump on while working rite now..hehe