Saturday, April 9, 2016

[Twitter] HamCole Retweets +HamCole Mentions Translated

SeungYeon retweeted Nicole:

Then Nicole retweeted SeungYeon back:



Nicole and SeungYeon had a Meet & Greet Event and they mentioned each other:

src| k034756

 src| kamilataka0417

Thanks to @kikyo_maaka for translations! :)


  1. For me it looks like they are able to interact a bit more now that GyulHamHa left dsp. Glad to see their bond is real!

  2. Thanks a lot Mae for those retweets about nicole at twitter! Love to see my timeline flooded by nicole. Hahaha :). Tbh i'll lost about nicole's current activies without you...

  3. just in case anybody might misunderstand ~ the 2nd image ' its been a while since .. etc ' that part is from a fans perspective.

  4. I still find it ridiculous how DSP placed a gag order on the girls after Nicole and JiYoung left. It just makes me question them even more how much they wanted to hide to keep themselves relevant in the industry. I'm so glad they left the company, you can see the freedom that they have now.