Friday, September 30, 2016

[Info/News] Nicole's Japanese Contract Expires

We sincerely thank you for always supporting Nicole.

At this time, due to her contract expiring with her Japanese agency CJ Victor Entertainment, we'll be closing the Nicole Japan Official Site on October 14th.

No matter the time, everyone gave their unchanging love to her, we'd like to thank all the fans from the bottom of our hearts for supporting her Japanese activities so far, and give a profound apology for the sudden announcement.

Going forward, please continue to give Nicole your warm support.

Nicole Japan Official Site management team

translation: dubious

Honestly, the company didn't do well with promoting Nicole in Japan. I'm not surprised she didn't renew her contract.

Is it a coincidence that Nicole updated her IG Story today? She seems to be in good spirits at the dance studio :)

I also wanted to point out that Nicole's manager was on Hit The Stage when the producers were talking to them about the show, seems she's still with b2m.


  1. I'm worried about her. I hope everything goes well. People start panicking when hearing this. Especially Japanese fans. They thought nicole stop promoting there. I agree with you. CJVE didnt do well with Nicole. I hope Cole will get better deals with new company after this.

    Also about b2m.....can they at least give us proper of her schedule? Update the schedule. Hishhh. If cole get better deal with other company in Korea, i totally support this.

    Best of luck to our cheerful Nicole.

  2. "I also wanted to point out that Nicole's manager was on Hit The Stage when the producers were talking to them about the show, seems she's still with b2m."

    On that time cole's haircolour is blonde. That meeting happened before june 15th (the day cole updated with her black haircolour). So idk whether the manager still with her or not. Maybe or probably she's not gonna continue with b2m. Her comeback got delayed like so many times. At first it supposed to be last year, ebd of last year. Then postponed to March this year, then postponed to May, then it gets quiet....i bet cole totally disappointed about this. And she dont know how to say this to the fans. And i also aware that probably cjem will promote her after spica. First eric nam, then spica, maybe after this nicole. Just that we dont know when. For me at least they should be frank to us. Tell us exactly what happened. I'm so mad with b2m right now. Really frustrated.

  3. No matter what happened, Nicole will always smile. :)

  4. It is quite alarming to see this sudden ending of her Japanese label, especially since CJVE is a subsidiary of CJ E&M in Korea, where basically all her labelmates are all now under, except her. I know they said B2M still manages them, and it was just a merger not a buy out, but it is still disconcerting regarding her status. She seems to be in limbo right with where her career is going. I think she knows it and that the fans are worried, maybe that's why she posted that post of her in the dance studio, to ease the worries of the fans. I do hope that Instagram post was to assure us that she's on her way to a comeback or at least something that will put her back in the spotlight a longer period of time.

    The thing with Nicole is that she has this sense of loyalty towards people that helped her and supported her. She chose B2M not necessarily for its strong presence on the industry but for the people that are involved, they worked with Nicole and saw her growth since DSP and Kara so she trusts them to support her in all her endeavours. That's what I respect about her. On a business sense it would be better to sign with a better label that will invest more in her but then again it can also backfire and leave her stranded. I just hope she continues to do what she loves to do on her own terms and not get persuaded to conform or lose herself. I think she has the right people around to keep on the right path in whatever she wants to do. I really just want her to be happy. Even if it means us continuously waiting, I hope when she does announce her plans it's something worthwhile for us to be proud of her for and proud to keep supporting her for.