Thursday, September 15, 2016

[Vid] Mnet 'Hit The Stage EP. 7 (Eng Subbed)[engsub]-hit-the-stage-ep.07

After watching Hit The Stage Episode 7 (Eng Subbed) Blab:

- Happy that people on the show know who Nicole is lol.
(Some comments from Youtube where asking who she was... XD)

- Glad that Nicole got support behind her like Bae YoonJeong saying Nicole was the best girl group dancer. 

- Nicole's manger and dancers saying she is hard-core when it comes to practices, she needs to  be stopped sometimes.. some dancers can't keep up with her!

- I loved Moon HeeJun's comments to Nicole about the difficulties of being from a group to a solo singer and how to work through it. Nicole seemed to have taken in his advice. 

- My reaction when I first saw her performance was that she did a great job.
This type of style is like nothing she has ever done, she's never dance a "hard or strong" stage before. At least not that I can remember lol. 

I feel like it helped changed perceptions people had of her from KARA days, even Bae YoonJeong said she always thought of Nicole as cute. 

I'm not going to nit pick which parts weren't perfect etc or how much better she could have done, it doesn't matter in the big scheme of things. Nicole is the hardest on herself, I am not worried. She is always motivated and willing to do better. Her stage was awesome and the judges agreed getting 9/10 votes. Actually even the audience agreed, she's still got the  score amongst the female participants and she's in the top 5 for the whole show alongside the male participants. 

The performance was something to be proud of and I think Nicole was really happy about how it went down. The feedback gave her a lot of confidence, which I think she really needed. Hopefully that confidence and support well help her have a great comeback :D!!

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