Monday, March 6, 2017

[Instagram] 91 Line Visits Boys Over Flowers Musical

Nicole's IG:

Cute Minyoung and cool Changsub! I had a mom smile throughout the show.. kekekekekeke😝 Fighting for the rest of the show my friends❤️#BoysOverFlowersMusical
Translated by yooniqda_

Min's Instagram:

얘드라 와줘서 고마워 #구일칭구들 #꽃보다남자 #꽃보다남자뮤지컬

Seohyun's Instagram:

뮤지컬 #꽃보다남자 잘봤엉 얘들아아😘
진짜 재밌더라~~막공까지 몸관리 잘하구 빠이팅이다💪💕

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