Monday, May 23, 2016

[Pics] 16.05.24. Nicole for Line Blog


Some parts from the interview:

When she heard the melody to HAPPY, she immediately wanted to sing the song.
The BBQ scene from the HAPPY pv was shot at a campground in February.
The main dance for HAPPY was created on the spot.

She's had an unrequited love for 2 years.

She likes chic, comfortable clothes: skinny jeans, oversize shirts, and a long black jacket.

She has a favorite perfume shop at Daikanyama. She goes to the shop so often that she's becomes friends with the shop person.

In Japan, she wants to visit the open-air baths.

She wants to learn more about Japanese fashion. 


  1. 2 years unrequited love??? Awwww poor Nicole. Huhuhu deep crush huh.

  2. 2 I wonder who it is.

    1. Teasung!... hahaha... I'm just kidding. It could be someone she had recently became friends with during the past two years, since she debut as a solo artist. The real question is if she's still in this unrequited love. That's the thing I worry about her, she has this personality in which guys see as just "one of the boys" so it's hard to really become more than that. She will end up getting friendzoned often.

    2. I think she's the type that fun to be friend with because of her personality. But she did said that if the guy likes her but dont confess at her yet, she will confess to that guy. But in this case looks like it's only her that had crush on him and that person probably didnt have any feelings more than friends towards Nicole. Andddddd i think she got this enrequited love while she was in kara. Perhaps in 2009 to 2010. I's jinwoon. Idk. I feel it's him. Hahahahaha.

    3. If it's unrequited I don't want it to be Taesung XD I ship those two so hard. I mean, have you seen Taesung's IG? The way they lean into each other makes me think there's some attraction between them. Haha. <3

      I get what you mean. She has a really fun and outgoing personality and she is friends with literally everyone so I could see how guys would see her as a friend rather than a potential romantic partner. But don't worry, I'm sure she has a lot of admirers. Look at her. She's beautiful inside and out. Any guy would be stupid not to see that :)

    4. GOT THIS!!!

      Q:Like that movie (battleship) how much you fell in love in reality story?
      A:long time ago i have a one-sided love. after that a deep feeling...i want to try a deep love like pearl harbor. a crazy love that don't think anything else, don't know anything else besides each other. i want to try that kind of love.

      Q: Nicole always bright and looks healthy so there are lots of people who want to make you their daughter-in-law. if you get married and live at your husband's home, you will get lots of love.
      A: really? haha. a loved daughter-in-law? i've heard people saying "need to meet someone like you. need to get married with someone like you" but just like that. noone who really made a move. however it's my compliment. hahaha

      That interview was from High Cut, 2012. Seee I told ya! I think her unrequited love was from 2009 to 2010. Hahahaha

      Nikoraaaa you are so precious okay! Everybody love you! ^-^