Tuesday, May 10, 2016

[Vid] 16.05.08. Beauty Station THE SHOW EP. 13 (ENG SUBBED)


  1. I wish they'd style Nicole more like Hyebin. Her styling is always all over the place in this show XD

    1. Yea Nicole's styling doesn't seem like it matches her personality sometimes XD

    2. I know right? Maybe they're trying to make her look younger to appeal to younger audiences? lol Idk XD

    3. This reminds me of an interview Nicole did with Stephanie on Arirang radio when she was promoting MAMA. Nicole was talking about how the producers said since she was young, she couldn't really do sexy and Stephanie's reaction was like 'really', referring to her age lol

      Maybe her team sees Nicole as younger lol, they do know her better but there's nothing wrong with Nicole age XD

    4. Really? With her being in the industry for sooo long you'd think people would consider her old but I guess that's not the case XD But she still looks so young tho she'd still pass as a teenager imo XD

    5. I think it's because of Nicole's hyper, bright personality lol when referring to her as young.