Wednesday, January 25, 2017

[Instagram] Choices + Las Vegas Update

so many choices ๐Ÿ‘ป

Nicole's dancers are updating their IG, they have arrived in Las Vegas!

A video posted by So Young Kim (@holicsso) on

Hotel Tour, see if you can spot Nicole in her multi colored jacket


  1. Studio? Her three main dancers are with her??? If this is not something important I am gonna cry

    1. Even if it's just a vacation, that's important. Nicole has only visited the US twice since she moved to Korea 10 years ago XD

    2. Wow, never know that nicole was never back to US when she's in KARA. That's must be really sad, i feel bad for her, considering it's her hometown...

      Also, her cousin (insta @anchoviee) was taking photos with her 3 days ago. Did you already post it here? :)

    3. I did see the picture, I liked it on twitter :D
      It just feels a little weird to post that picture up here because it's Nicole's family member, even though he did post it up publicly haha