Sunday, January 29, 2017

[Instagram] Selfies In Vegas

Looking happy :)

Nicole did a Instagram Live but I'm not sure if any one had recorded it. She mentioned she was in Las Vegas for vacation.


  1. I do have the recording but sorry i can't share it all since there's a lot of personal info on the notification on my phone. Instagram/ Nicole's connection seems bad & there are a lot of times that we even can't see her. But maybe tommorow i'll upload some good screenshot from it :)

  2. Mae, do u think Nicole is dating? I mean I lately have the feeling but now I saw some people asking on her Instagram if she is dating her former dancer Taesung and idk hahah

    1. I hope she's dating lol Is she dating Taesung? I don't think so haha.

      Nicole would NEVER purposely post a picture of her boyfriend on her IG lol, she's way too careful for that and she has said she would never go public with a relationship XD I think she and Taesung are just close, like she's close with the other dancer Jaewon since MAMA days.

  3. here's the screenshot that i promised long long time ago (sorry!). Seems only these are good enough to keep :p