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[Interview] 17.01.09. "Revealing Nicole's Beauty Item" (Cosmopolitan January 2017)

 "Revealing Nicole's Beauty Item" 

"My day is simple. After waking up, I go for pilates. Then after finishing my schedule, I have my first meal at 4PM and for dinner I fill my stomach with fruits or salad. Do I get stressed? Not at all! Instead I’m afraid that this daily life will change."

Seems like you lost weight a lot compared to before. It has made you feel more mature!   

Not too long ago I got a cold and lost weight automatically. Also because of I learned ballet and it made my bodyline become more feminine.

Did you start learning ballet just for
I've wanted to learn it since a long time ago but I never had a chance. However as soon as I heard that I got into , I applied to ballet class right away and I think it’s a good decision. Through ballet, my bodyline has become better and more than anything, I gained power in my body so that I don’t lose, even compared to male dancers.

What a spirit! Actually you don’t even need ballet moves so you don’t really need to learn it, yet you learned it for a perfect stage. 

I think if you want to perfect something, you need to learn the basics well first. Like this, rather than rushing blindly, I can quickly understand it and my passion is keeps burning.

Look at your muscles! From what people say, are you still exercise mania?
I’ve been doing pilates regularly for around 6-7 years now and since I’ve been wanting to do more exercise recently, I added flying yoga. Any time I have spare time, I enjoy taking a walk for around 2 hours with my puppies.

It seems you’re the diligent type! 

Rather than diligent, I’m the type that thinks too much if I just stay and do nothing. However if I’m active, my energy is overflowing and I can feel the joy of life. haha  

You enjoy working out? 

Of course. My goal isn’t to diet,  I’m doing because I enjoy it. 

What are you saying! You’re an idol singer, is it possible to not have any stress about your diet? 

Of course, previously I would feel pressured about dieting but now my life pattern has changed and I don’t eat that much in a day. Also since I really like to exercise, I don’t gain much weight!

You don’t like late-night snacks? Pig feet? Chicken? 

I’m not lying but I really don’t like it. Like I’ve told you earlier, since I don’t eat that much in a day, no matter how much I’m hungry, if it’s not something that I like then I won’t be craving it.

Like this, I can say it’s life’s diet! Are you the type that is doing beauty care diligently too?
These days I’ve been doing hair care and moisture care. Especially since my hair has been damaged, so every morning I want to take care of my messy and tangled hair.

Is there any beauty advice that you want to tell Cosmopolitan readers?

Please always use sunblock. You will regret it if you don’t use it. I always say this to my close friends too.

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Translated by @yooniqda_ 


  1. Yes I have noticed that her body has changed and I like it more now. Her hair looks amazing and it gives her more feminine look. Plus her taste in fashion is much better now xD I like this new nicole but I just want her to try making an album for one last time :( I can't believe mama is her first and last try. I believe her contract with
    B2M has finished but there were no news about.

  2. I guess shikshin Nicole is no more?

    If she chooses not to release another album, then it's ok with me. She spent most of her life being an entertainer, and maybe it is time for her to take a couple of years to relax. I'm just glad she's still keeping up with her social media for us =)

    1. Nicole still likes food, she just has more control over it compared to when she was younger lol. She has her cheetos moments too and those nice dinners she always posts up :)

      I agree, she's just experiencing her life and she's not in a rush to put things out there. I don't think she's given up her solo venture, she went on Hit The Stage not too long ago, I think that shows she's still interested in performing.

    2. I feel like with this being released as the first issue of the new year, it can be Nicole's way of signalling her plans to get back in to the scene again. Slowly but surely she's on her way back. I think she's just take it one step at a time and doing things that she feel comfortable with. I agree, I think she wants to enjoy life first, maybe to get some inspiration for her music. I do think she's homeless right now regarding her agency but I don't think she's in a rush to find a new home yet until she knows what she fully wants this time around. I don't blame her.

  3. Thanks for posting the translation!

    Really loves how nicole never forget to keep us updated with her activities everyday~