Sunday, July 11, 2010

[Tweet] 10.07.12 Spending day with her mom & replies

today i had lunch with my mom and spent the whole day with her basically...nd just watched a movie together at home ^^ very good day (: haha

okay im gonna watch a lil bit of twilight with my mom and go to bed now ~ everyone goodnight ! don't sleep too late (: sweet dreams !

*She tweeted in Korean but those haven't been translated yet.

Nicole also replied to some lucky fans:

@_911007 did you cook lunch for your mummy?? ^^ what did you eat? :D

we went to a restaurant.. we ate a LOT too lol..i cooked kimchi fried rice for her last week ... soo goooooood T.T

@_911007 What did you guys eat? Sounds like a very fun day~ ^_^ should spend lots of time with your mom as much as you can

well..a salmon avocado salad bread thingy salmon steak, mussels&homemade vanilla icecream with apple pie for dessert!(3ppl) 
 @_911007 haha wow! all of the food sounds so delicious~ did you take any pictures? (:
we were too busy (: 

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